What It's Like to Work With POSH PR®!

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, shares a glimpse of exactly what being a POSH PR® client entails!

Back in January, I wrote about “National Get To Know Your Customers Day.” I explained how getting to know our clients is our number one priority. When we say we’re your business BFF, we MEAN it.

We know that both high quality results and relationships take time. Time is a luxury. What makes us a luxury boutique firm is that we take the time not only to build high quality brands, but to build relationships. In this post, I wanted to share a little more on what it’s like to work with POSH PR®! 

Concept to creation is never an easy thing. Because Champagne Is Always the Answer®, we love to meet our clients over a glass of bubbly (typically at our unofficial office in downtown Richmond, Quirk Hotel). We love to get to know everything about you! We create a list of ice-breaker questions unique to your personality to get the creative juices flowing, then move onto formulaic questions related to brand-identity. We like to ask the same question over and over, posed a little differently each time. We’ve discovered this little tactic releases an array of answers that help paint exactly what your vision is!

Next, we turn our conversation into reality by taking all we’ve heard and making it tangible. The next time we meet, we have a perfectly curated mood board complete with your tagline, logo, key words, mission statement, ideal client description, colors, fonts and textures. If we’re not obsessed with an end result, we know you won’t be either. We take the extra time to deliver an end result we hope you’ll love! This is YOUR opportunity to see your brand come to life, and to tell us exactly what you like and don’t like. We always say, “the more feedback the better.”

Once your mood board is complete, it’s time to go live! When it comes to creating your presence across social media, we’ve got you covered! Styling and curating brand photo shoots is our forte. Showcasing your original content as we design your website? We love it! Getting you started on Instagram with our Social Media Starter Kit, or completely managing your social media is a job we love to do. 

Once your brand is live, we like to have monthly power meetings with each of our clients. We want to hear what you like, what hasn’t worked for you, what you’d like to see more of, topics you’d like for us to blog about (or we can propose topics to you!) — let’s chat! 

We understand that running your own business is a round-the-clock job. We know that though it may look like you’re sleeping, your brain is actually busy at work, making a list of things for you to do the next day. Don’t be shy to shoot us a text, doll. We’re doing the exact same thing. 

Because we believe that PR is SO much more than sending out a press release, we’re invested in each of our clients’ dreams and much like your real-life BFF, we’re here to hold your hand every step of the way!

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