The WHY Behind The Brand

Caroline Kalentzos, CEO of POSH PR®, shares the WHY behind the POSH brand


Now more than ever, the world is at your fingertips, dolls. This can go one of two ways. You may see the world of endless decisions and choose the beaten path, relatively secure in its outcome. Or, you may see the world of endless opportunity, a completely blank canvas waiting for a masterpiece only YOU can live, found at the end of a road only YOU travelled. 

At POSH PR, we’re here to help women pave their own road. 

POSH PR is a boutique PR agency in the truest sense of the word. Many people may translate the word “agency” as a synonym for a “company” or “business,” but we are SO much more than that. Interestingly, the word “agency” derives from the Latin noun agentum, “effective, powerful” and the Latin verb agere, “to set in motion, drive forward; to do, perform…” THAT is exactly what POSH PR is.

We are the agency through which empowerment is provided and an end is achieved. We are the agency that provides you with the services and support you need to design your dream life.

PR encompasses SO much in today’s world. EVERYTHING is public. Everything is relational. 

We’re here to help tell the public exactly what YOU want them to think and how you want them to feel about your brand. From concept to creation, image curation, website design and email marketing, press releases and influencer marketing to blog writing and social media management — we are ever ready to provide these services that don’t leave our database until they have cleared the POSH touch (that is, the triple check). We are here to create a brand for you that is irresistible to the public eye.

Beyond that, we truly believe that it is who you know that truly makes the difference. POSH PR is unique in that once you become one of our clients, you’re entering into a network of what we like to call Business BFFs. Surrounding yourself with other like-minded women who dare to design the life of their dreams fuels you! We want to provide you with a network of relationships, specifically with women in the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industries. 

Champagne is Always The Answer®, doll. Why? Because every day is a celebration. How so? Because every day is another opportunity to pave the road to your dreams. Let us help you, too! Contact us here!