What Being A Woman Means to Me!

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, on what being a woman means to her!


I was recently asked by the clothing boutique, Evolve, if I would share what being a woman means to me for a collage video they were producing. Of course I jumped at the chance enthusiastically and thought this was something I could have done in 5 minutes or less!

30 minutes later, I was still working on it. 

Who knew that describing what being a woman means to you could be so challenging! Have you tried it?! 

I came up with the answer below:

While that is an honest answer, it still felt incomplete to me. I found myself still trying to articulate exactly what being a woman really does mean to me. I started texting friends, asking my mom…Was I the only one incapable of a satisfactory answer?! Apparently not. My friend who couldn’t quite pin an answer down ended up asking her husband! 

He nailed it. 

“To me,” he said, “being a woman means having the ability to give life, the power to change life, and the character to enjoy life.” 

Spot. On. 

It took a man to encapsulate womanhood, which actually makes sense to me. 

Men naturally tend to speak up for themselves. They exert their power. They see something for what it is worth and go for it. (And they can put words to it, apparently!)

I think women have a tendency not to acknowledge their worth and wear it proudly. What we may excuse as humility all too often stems from diffidence, a lack of confidence. We have every reason to be confident, dolls. The answer above perfectly explains why.

Not only do we give life biologically, we inspire life into whomever and whatever we encounter! So many women are natural nurturers. They see things that are broken and tend to it. We have the power to change life because we do not take no for an answer! (Some may call this stubbornness, I call it vision). We value beauty and know the power that lies in the details —we enjoy life by making it more beautiful! 

Maybe it is because we are too busy multi-tasking and making the world go ‘round to stop and think up a definition for what being a woman means. But my hope is, dolls, that every now and then you do remember those true, true words.

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