RVA Spring Fashion Week | The Caroline Doll | Fashion, Beauty + Lifestyle PR

Caroline Kalentzos, CEO of POSH PR®, can't wait for RVA Fashion Week's 10th Anniversary Fashion Show!


We are thrilled to be a part of the 10th annual RVA Fashion Week!

In #THEPRDOLLS Facebook group, each day is assigned a certain theme. Friday is called, “Runway - Celebrate the victory!” It is an invitation to celebrate our week’s wins, to throw the confetti and shout “fri-YAY!” The way you walk through life determines what you will get out of life. (Hello, Naomi Campbell’s million dollar walk!) I can't wait to see what Richmond's fashion scene has to offer!

The dolls and I are SO excited to take a front row seat at the runway of Richmond’s fashion wins at this year’s RVA Fashion Week this Saturday, April 28th, starting at 6:00pm! (Click here to see the rest of the week’s events!) Being able to sponsor such a Richmond fashion establishment has always been an honor for me. Supporting other creative entrepreneurs means the world to me.

Jimmy Budd, the Executive Producer, is a good friend of mine and I admire his enthusiasm for what Richmond has to offer and his initiative in providing a platform to showcase it! He recently shared, “Our creative arts community continues to grow with tremendous strides, and with this recognition, local artists and businesses are given greater opportunities to build and/or evolve their brand out of Richmond…[RVA Fashion Week] recognizes the individuality, inspiration and creativity infused in each fashion ensemble, piece of jewelry, photograph, beauty service and every other facet of the arts realm.” My favorite part about attending RVA Fashion Week is the inspirational energy it exudes. Surrounding oneself with other people who are pursuing THEIR dreams is the number one way to confidently move forward in pursuing your own. 

For me, a fashion runway is the embodiment of how one should look at their life. You have worked hard to get to where you are in your life — why NOT celebrate that? Why NOT strut down the runway of life with your head held high, dressed in your success? 

We hope to see you at Fashion Week!

If you are ready to start making your dreams a reality, and start building that brand of yours, contact us here, doll!