How Pretty Branding Can Make You A Pretty Penny | Caroline Kalentzos, CEO of POSH PR | Business Coach

Monetizing begins when you brand with the things you love. The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR, talks fonts, shoes, and bags, oh my!


When executing website design for our PR clients, font selection is probably one of the most time consuming parts. I am obsessed with fonts. I have bought so many and think that is the hardest thing about brand design and consistency! Sticking with one font. There are too many pretty fonts to choose just one! 

I digress. This is a personal challenge I am working on when it comes to leaving The Caroline Doll and POSH PR’s fonts be. (I’ve been good so far for 2018!) 

But the whole idea of font collections and creating a pretty brand sparked this thought: the things we love the most, the things we collect, reveal who we are at our core and are the magnets who attract the people (and the ideal clients) in our lives!

For instance, I collect shoes and bags. I am not afraid to share that I have spent hours shopping for the perfect pair of shoes. Why? Because they are something I love. I can not just have just any old shoe, dolls. It has to be a statement and make my heart stop. I have to be obsessed with them before I purchase them.

The same goes for bags! You know I love my Louis Vuitton bags. Yes, I have a collection. Yes, it will forever continue to grow. Most people know this obsession of mine and it immediately tells them a little bit about me: I am a girl who loves pretty and has an appreciation for luxury. As you know, attention to details are what makes something a luxury. The details matter to me!

All this to say, sweet girls, pretty isn’t pretty just for the sake of being pretty. (Woo! That’s a lot of pretty.) It is a visual communicator of your personality and how you live your life. In the same light, allowing the things you love to manifest in how you brand your business accomplishes SO much. A pretty brand is a visual communicator of how you run your business!

Pay attention to the things you love, the things you collect in your life. The things you are obsessed with, the details that matter to you, allow those things to infuse into your brand. THAT is how a pretty brand can make you a pretty penny!

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