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Your website should reflect everything you are capable of and inspire you to go out and do more of what you love! Glam By Jeet, a Virginia makeup artist, works with POSH PR® for a website design makeover! Click here to see the big reveal!

Glam girly girl. 

Winged liner master. 

Confidence creator.

These are three captions we recently created to describe our client, Glam by Jeet, an on-location hair and makeup artist for weddings, special occasions, boudoir and editorial photo shoots in the greater DC area and beyond. We actually met Jeet Bahra, the namesake makeup artist in action at a photo shoot for our clients at Sugar + Spruce! Like attracts like, dolls. When Jeet saw the way we worked, she knew it was a business BFF match made in heaven! 

Jeet is a visionary. A wife and mother, she left her career in background investigation to pursue what she grew up doing: being the one everyone went to to get glammed up! She wanted more flexibility and time to spend with her daughter and sought out to create just that. Hello, ideal client! You know I am all about helping a woman who is determined to turn her dreams into a reality.

We did a complete website makeover for Jeet. Jeet didn’t feel like the website she had matched the elevated quality of her services. She told us that she would like to start working with commercial photographers and work on more editorial shoots. To us, this meant she needed a website that was sophisticated and stylish, high-fashion meets Glam By Jeet.

In order to attract your ideal client, it is SO important they are able to connect with who you are. We had our signature “brain dump” with Jeet, and worked that conversation into three featured blog posts that conveyed what Glam By Jeet is all about, The Why Behind The Brand, What It’s Like to Work With Us (Glam By Jeet: Backstage), and a featured product or service (Service Spotlight: Let’s Go Shopping!).

We streamlined all of her website copy to present messaging that was clear and direct, including an FAQ page to answer any question the service descriptions didn’t quite cover. 

Transforming her website with the POSH PR touch was such a fun process. Whenever I design a site, I always keep in my the kind of person visiting and using the site. As you scroll through a site, a story should unfold. Each new scroll should answer the last scroll’s question! 

The website reveal is like Christmas morning to me. I love seeing the smiles on our clients’ faces when they see a website that embodies everything they are capable of and inspires them to go out and do more of what they love! (We even inspired Jeet’s husband and are now re-designing his website, too!)

Click here if you would like for your website to reflect everything you are capable of!