Just Start! | Social Media Starter Kit | POSH PR®

Getting started on a project is often the most challenging part. When it comes to managing your social media, let POSH PR® remove that barrier and set you up for success with our Social Media Starter Kit!


When it comes to running your business, we know where you decide to invest your finances requires a lot of prioritizing. While we are happy to completely take social media off your plate and manage it, entirely, we are also happy to help set you and your business up for success in managing it, yourself, with our Social Media Starter Kit! 

I know you have heard that little voice in the back of your head, “I have got to learn social media and use it for my business!” I think many people may still be a little in denial, hoping that social media would never replace traditional marketing and advertising. But the truth is, sweet dolls, social media is here to stay.

Whether you are stuck navigating the transition between having a personal Instagram account or a business account, wanting to elevate your current social media presence, or already have an established business but completely inactive on social media, POSH PR is here to help!

Let us help you define your goals, develop great content and demand your ideal client’s attention!

We have things down to a science, doll. Literally! We like to start with a formula that acts as a reference for what you should be posting (consistently!) each day. We define each day’s content goals! Based on your service and brand, each day is assigned a particular feature (i.e. blog promotion on Monday’s, lifestyle image on Tuesdays…). 

Image curation for your first nine posts to Instagram is something we get particularly excited about! We spend quite a but of time searching for images that convey your brand’s unique personality. With that, we provide in depth captions that allow your ideal client to gain a sense of who you really are in order to truly connect with you! Details matter, and if we are not obsessed with the layout, we will not stop until we are. (We have had an entire layout complete but did not feel that #obsessed excitement. We ended up starting from square one, again!) 

As you may know, hashtags are what make you discoverable. The last thing we want is for you to get lost in the ocean of general hashtags. We take the time to research and develop hashtags that your ideal client would be searching and that demand their attention! 

While it may seem trivial, your Instagram bio has a big responsibility! In 50 characters or less, it has to grab your audience’s attention in a creative and captivating way. Anybody can say they are “A Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger” but what separates you a part? Why would a potential client scroll down to learn more about you? What can they connect with? THAT is what our end goal is, capturing YOU in your Instagram bio with selective and stylish words! 

Video is a growing feature all across social media. Ensuring you have eye-catching highlights to draw your audience in and make them want to catch up on all of the featured stories on your account is the finishing touch to your starter kit.  

Getting started is often the the biggest obstacle, sweet dolls. Let us remove that barrier and help you jump into the race way ahead of the crowd! Contact us here!