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POSH PR, a boutique PR agency in Richmond, Va., works with Barton Sculptures in creating their new brand identity! Click here to see what happens when art becomes a brand!

Dolls! We are so excited to share our latest brand identity project with you. Let us introduce you to Barton Sculptures, the joint business of Laurie Barton, a contemporary figurative sculpture, and Teri Twigg, a businesswoman. When these to friends and business partners approached POSH PR, they knew they had something special on their hands, but were not quite sure how to create a brand presence that communicated their creative ingenuity. 


Both women have come together, a little later in life, daring to flourish in the talents they were born with! Every since childhood, Laurie’s desire to create has always propelled her. While a licensed therapist by trade, Laurie views art as the ultimate means to touch the human spirit. Teri loves making things happen. With a Masters in Business Administration and as a DSA Certified Professional Designer, she possesses a unique ability to identify opportunities for collaboration when it comes to taking a passion and turning it into a tangible reality! Together, they work with their clients to create a piece of work that will inspire its audience, be it in one’s home or corporate office. 

Talking with Laurie and Teri, we understood they wanted to elevate their brand. They create elegant, intentional and timeless pieces, and thus needed a brand that communicated that in one glance! We always notice that the more passionate a client is about their work, the easier it is to create a finished project they love. Barton Sculptures was no different and we are SO excited to share what we came up with!


When we met, we covered all grounds! We flipped through magazines to see what colors and designs stood out to them. We discussed their favorite pieces and what they loved about it. We talked about their vision for Barton Sculptures and who they saw as their ideal clients. And then we got started and are happy to report, they love it all! (And we do, too!)


Stay tuned as we move into the next phase for Barton Sculptures: website design!

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