What Would Elle Woods Do? | Boss Babe Advice | The Caroline Doll

Dolls, Legally Blonde turns 17 this week! You know I love a girl who wears her pink PROUDLY. I think I identify so much with Elle Woods because she is a total #bossbabe. She is a living embodiment of what I aim to live by: staying true to my authentic self. Her authenticity paved her career path. 

Over the years, I have managed to try on several different career uniforms. From making my way up to a top national sales manager in medical sales to becoming a luxury wedding and event planner, and now running my own boutique PR agency, POSH PR, I am quite familiar with the word “pivot!” I've lived the #bossbabe life! From changing careers, finding confidence in the workplace, and handling difficult co-workers to staying true to my authentic self in creating POSH PR’s brand, Legally Blonde is FULL of career advice for women in business. There is one question that is my go to guide: WWED, “What would Elle do?!” The answer? Kill them with kindness!

In every situation, be it a confrontation, meeting new co-workers, meeting new clients, asking for a raise, kindness conquers all. “What, like it’s hard?!” Absolutely. Entering a new corporate environment and meeting the senior level staff is SO intimidating. It is much easier to play it safe, i.e. no eye contact whatsoever. Nobody likes to have their hard work go unrecognized or be criticized. Our default reaction is to defend and protect! Tit for tat, if you will. It is SO much easier to blend in, and play the role, engage with the office gossip, act like everyone else. But let me tell you something, sweet doll. Elle’s heels are much too high to stoop so low. Instead? She stands tall and rises above. She kills them with kindness. This is #bossbabe gold for all women in business creating their dream career.

Never fight fire with fire. Instead, ask questions! You're a boss babe, doll. Make direct eye-contact and give a sincere compliment or share a respectful comment. Speak up! Start with the small things. Asking someone about their kids or their weekend is always a good start! Don’t wait for someone else to show you how to act. Giving way to any kind of negativity will make you bend and snap, and not in the way Elle intended. 

Kindness isn’t easy, and therefore few choose it. It is rare. It is a novelty and therefore it gets noticed. You have to be bold to be kind. You have to be bold to be yourself. You have to be bold to wear all pink, tulle, and sparkles when everyone else is wearing grey and navy pant suits. By being set apart and staying true to yourself and the things you love, you will have no competition. You will get noticed. Set the path for women in business.

Be bold. Kill them with kindness, doll. Elle would.