What Living The Champagne Life REALLY Means! | The Caroline Doll | Lifestyle Blogger


I judge by the appearance of things, Dolls. If it's pink, I'm more likely to buy it. If it's called "Cupcake Butterkissed Chardonnay"? I'm definitely going to buy it. (Thankfully, the taste is as delicious as the name!) 

The older I've gotten, the more I've learned that it is entirely up to YOU to create the life you want. It's up to you to make potpourri out of dead rose petals. It is up to you to turn plain old chunks of ice into heart shaped ice sculptures. It is up to you to create the joy in your life. It's up to YOU to create your own Champagne life (...or in this case, your own Cupcake Vineyard's Chardonnay life!)

I've realized that the more simple and pretty things look on the outside, the more hard work, perseverance, and discipline is behind them. When it comes to living the Champagne life? The same rules apply!

As you dolls know, Champagne Is Always the Answer® is my business motto (as well as my life motto!) In other words, celebration and enjoying the things I love are an essential part of my life! A while ago, I could not stop listening to the song, “Champagne Clouds.” I love these lines, “I like the celebration daily//That’s been my situation lately//…I’m living easy and I won’t come down//So if you’ll need me I’ll be up here I don’t care ‘bout anyone who’s trying to get me downstairs.” Living #thechampagnelife does come with a manual of its own, and I’ve shared a few tips from my own manual below!

1.) Determination & Discipline

I have had to make hard decisions in my life to live my own Champagne life, Dolls. I run my own company, which I love. But along with running one’s own company comes sacrifice. There was a time when I was working every weekend, to the point where my husband had to ask for time to hangout! Those days were hard. They required me to be more determined and disciplined with my time, prioritizing what is important in my life (my husband!) and what can wait. 

2.) Caring What Others Think

Yes, Dolls. I do care what others think. I believe #dollspartypretty. What does that mean? It means I strive to adhere to a higher standard for my own life. I try my best to always go above and beyond. At the end of the day, I hope the excellence of what I do inspires others to strive for excellence, too! 

3.) I Do NOT Care What Others Think

Yep, I know. Confusing. But part of succeeding means keeping your eyes on your OWN path, Dolls. I try my best not to compare and worry about what she is doing over there. I make decisions in my life that lead to the life I want! 

4.) Working for What I Want

I love luxury. From my Louis Vuitton bags, to my Sophia Webster shoes, the attention to detail that comes with luxury brands is something I value! So, I work for the things I want!


Champagne Is Always the Answer, Dolls. Always celebrate life's blessings. But know that behind every bottle of popped Champagne, is a life of drive and determination!