The Latest Scoop! | Richmond’s Sweet Spot | The Caroline Doll

Let’s spoon, Dolls.


Yes, I do realize I literally just posted about “How I Deal” with Hypothyroidism on Monday. However, I am human and sometimes ice cream is how I deal. Typically, I am a more savory over sweet kind of girl. Potato chips, French fries….if I could have those with every meal I totally would. But when I heard of one of Richmond’s sweetest new spots, I had to go and try it! So this past Tuesday, I traveled over to Scoop!

As soon as I saw that pink door on Strawberry Street, I started fan-girling over this little ice-creamery in the Fan! The atmosphere reminded me of that scene from Grease where “Beauty School Drop Out” plays in the all-American retro diner. I could definitely have seen myself sitting in there with my pink poodle skirt! 


The range of flavors they offer are particularly unique…Tahini Halva? You won’t find any other place that will pleasantly surprise your tastebuds! However, I decided to go with one of my favorite flavors, Coconut (with sprinkles, of course!) Okay, and a pink macaron — it made the perfect ice cream sandwich! 

With how inventive they are with their flavors, I wouldn’t be surprised if a potato chip inspired flavor was on the list. And I would absolutely go right back there to try it! 

There’s nothing I love more than discovering the fun places a city has to offer! If you’d like for me to share all about your business with my Dolls, let’s chat! Click here!