I Run My Business Like I Wrap My Presents | Gift Wrapping 101 | The Caroline Doll

I run my business like I wrap my presents.

This will probably make you laugh, but every year at Christmas time, I wrap “fake” presents to put under my tree. If you ask me, there is a total magic to it all! Just beneath the pink ornaments and glowing lights is a cornucopia of creative magic! 

Why do I do this, you ask? Why do I spend the extra time, bent and leaning over a table that is a little too short beyond my reach? What keeps me wrapping with one finger bandaged because of a paper cut? Or, what keeps me wrapping through the frustration of the tiniest tear on the very last corner you needed to tape, thus leading you to start all over?! The over-joyed and surprised smile on the face of the recipient. 

Attention to detail always communicates so much more than just a pretty end result, Dolls. It tells the recipient you invested care and time in order that they may feel a little more special. That is what makes a luxury a luxury! It makes you feel a little more extraordinary. 

I think my love for gift-wrapping is testimony to what happens when you let what you love be what you do in a professional sense. Even in my medical sales days, the very beginning of my professional life, I would personalize napkins or gifts with my clients’ initials! With POSH PR®, our client experience involves sending little monthly gifts — solely for the joy of receiving something special and unexpected at your door step! There is so much magic in the unexpected!

A gift does not have to be expensive or fancy to be luxury, Dolls. Gift wrapping can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, a pair of socks into a gift that will knock off the recipient’s socks.  Here are a few tips to turn an ordinary gift into a box of magic!


Stock up on your boxes, Dolls. I love to have a range of boxes for all shapes and sizes. Instead of throwing a pair of earrings in with the cute sweater, I wrap them separately. The more boxes, the more abundance! It adds more visual dimension. More for the eye to behold! 


Get creative with the patterns and colors you use! I stock up on wrapping paper, Dolls. The more patterns and colors you combine, the more of a statement you produce! Product placement is key, as well. The bow doesn’t always have to go right on top. Nor does the bow always have to be a bow! My trick? A little double sided tape can go a long way when stacking your gifts! Get creative, Dolls! 


Whenever I am out and about, I always have my eyes open for cute wrapping paper (even if I don’t have a gift to wrap — yet!). Strolling through local stores and discovering a fun new printed paper? Yes, please! You can count on HomeGoods to always have a cute selection. And Target almost needs no mention, Dolls. Every single paper and fun accessory I used here was by the Spritz line from Target!


Gift-wrapping season will be here before you know it. Remember your gift can be a total luxury, Dolls! You can always click back here for your luxury gift-wrapping inspo!