Will I Ever Be Enough?! | The Struggles of an Entrepreneur | The Caroline Doll

Okay, sweet dolls, I am about to get very vulnerable and open with you!

Three times this year, I have blogged about comparison, discontentment and failure. That is three times I have offered positive, encouraging advice in avoiding these things. But the truth is that three is not enough, and it never will be. I am learning, or discovering, that comparison, discontentment and failure will always exist in life and, particularly as an entrepreneur, that can either fuel you or ruin you.  Even when you think to yourself, “she totally has it all!” — she very well might be thinking the same thing about YOU!

It seems like nearly every day POSH PR®, my boutique PR agency, receives new business inquires. Our team has grown and feels like it is settling into place. God is so good! Everything is becoming more and more tied together and operating like a well-oiled machine. Despite this exciting success, evidently I still do not feel like it is enough!

For the past couple weeks, I have spent every night lying in bed trying to write a caption for @thecarolinedoll Instagram that is compelling and relatable. The funny thing about this? We TEACH our clients how to NOT be in this position! However, ever since POSH PR® and The Caroline Doll pivoted from one another, I find myself struggling to connect, not entirely sure who I am talking to now that the two brands are completely seperate. This uncertainty then leads to mindless scrolling, which of course brings to my attention all of the “likes” and comments and activity on somebody else’s account! Thus begins that cycle of comparison.

I know what the “go-to” phrase is for this, “Her success is not your failure.” This is one of my speaking topics! I am supposed to be an expert at this! All too often, people equate a number of followers with success, and to that I have always said that just because she posts three times a day and has this many followers that does not mean she has new business rolling in ever day. But for the first time in five and half years, I find myself falling into that very cyclical trap all too frequently. 

I have always been a person to never settle and who always wants to do more. If I tell somebody I am going to have a project delivered to them tonight, I am going to get it to them tonight. I could get in a car accident and the first thing on my mind would be, “But I told the client tonight!” Even in my personal life, if I hit a goal weight, I still want to lose more! To keep going! To always be better.

Here we are at POSH PR®, growing our success to a multiple six-figure company and here I am worried about this girl posting three times a day! How silly is that?!

Can any of you relate to this?! Comparison, discontentment and failure are inherent in human nature. But is there something about being an entrepreneur that heightens those things?! Truthfully, I am writing this because I want to hear from you! I am writing this because I think it is important to be transparent and sincere…I think it is important to share about these things…Sometimes, there is a place to write an encouraging blog post to help and encourage others out of their predicament. And sometimes there is a place to just be real, and let that honesty and connection — let your very humanity be what fuels you.

To all of my boss dolls who are feeling alone today, I am standing here right with you. Know that you are doing the best you can each and every day. I am totally cheering you on! You’ve absolutely, whole heartedly GOT THIS!