A Beauty Brand Inspired by Culture + Travel

I’ve always found traveling alone to be somewhat exhilarating…. but especially if I’m traveling alone internationally! FACT: I was totally the girl walking through the Rome airport last week with Opera Babes Pandora in her ear while taking in all the beauty and culture!


I am certainly not a self proclaimed “people-watcher” but while waiting for my train I was enamored by the unique street fashion and the beautiful women in Italy. I loved their glowing skin, bold red lips and confident wardrobes.

I learned quickly that with a lack of blondes in Italy (this is also a FACT!) everyone wanted to know about my beauty regimen. But what they didn’t realize was I was using products inspired by THEM. Well, more specifically, a beauty brand that is inspired by cultures all around the world


Skôt Beauté is a brand that infuses luxury with mindful beauty and is inspired by the love of travel, culture and ancient beauty rituals. What I love most about Skôt Beauté is the convenience of their products when traveling. The brand makes sure every product has travel sizes that can easily be carried on a plane. This is a deal breaker for me! After a 10.5 hour flight their hydrating mist is a life saver! Plus, who wants to travel with a FULL SIZE cleanser/makeup remover?!


I do have a pre-photo shoot secret weapon… the Radiance Eye Creme helped SO much with dark circles and fine lines around my eyes. Especially after traveling and being jet lagged! Although I did go to Italy to speak + mentor at a conference, I snuck in a mini photo shoot on the first day as well!

To my sweet friend, Toks, who has poured her heart into building this brand and making it a success to make each of YOU feel beautiful every day — THANK YOU for all that you do! Dolls, you can follow along with Toks and her beauty brand on Instagram here and shop all of my favorite products on her website here!