When In Italy, Look Like a Bombshell

I am a little spoiled, Dolls. My go-to beauty salon for all things primp and polish is a 10 minute walk from my house! The Short Pump location of Bombshell Brazilian Waxing And Beauty Lounge made my “pretty-prepping” for Italy so convenient, per usual!


If you haven’t been, be prepared for an experience. It is totally the place I imagine Marilyn Monroe would have frequented, often! Everything is PINK and retro. Everywhere you turn there’s a bowl full of pink bubble gum to pop or an array of lollipops! Whether you are a red lips, high-heel loving, winged-liner girl who loves the pin-up girl look and isn’t afraid to rock pink hair, or the poodle-skirt-wearing doll who just needs a wax or a simple blow out, Bombshell has you covered! Anytime I am preparing for a shoot or to go out of town, a spray tan and a blow out are must-haves on my list!


Upon arriving in Italy, of course I wanted a little extra sun-kissed look with a spray tan. I was able to schedule my tan two days prior to leaving for my trip, to allow the spray to set and fully rise to skin. (Also, no showering within 8 hours of your spray tan, Dolls!) The girls at Bombshell make the entire process comfortable and quick! They have it down to a system. For additional tanning tips, visit their website here!

Typically, I am very picky about who puts their hands on my hair. But at Bombshell, I know I am in good hands with whomever ends up servicing my blow out. I think that’s one of my favorite things about the salon, everyone there just knows all things beauty! Also, the Unite hair products they use are KILLER!

As if waxing, hair, nails and tanning weren’t enough, Bombshell also offers eyebrow microblading. Melissa, the owner and dear friend of mine, shared the following with me, “What I do, I call MicroArt Brows. It’s deluxe semi-permanent ink that is embedded into the skin with realistic results. I use a combination of microblading with a hand held blade, sketching out fine hairs that look realistic and then finish with machine shading or powdering for a filled in finish.” At Bombshell, the session includes a consultation where they map out the best brow shape for the client’s face. Then with the client’s approval, they proceed with the service, which typically takes 2.5 hours and includes a touch up six weeks later.

Basically, I feel like a total bombshell whenever I leave Bombshell. There is a reason Bombshell has repeatedly been voted as Richmond’s Best Salon, Dolls. And I know my Richmond Dolls have heard all about it. So, I have one question for you….What are you waiting for?! You have to give Bombshell a try!