My Bags Are Packed!


Florence willing, I am headed to Florence! In all seriousness, I am saying little prayers that I can still make it. Why? I love nothing more than to be surrounded by like-minded women, and at Inspire Tuscany, a workshop held by Inspire Design, I know the ambitious energy will be ever present and contagious! I am so honored to be speaking to creative professionals at this part-seminar, part-workshop lifestyle retreat.

Lulu, the Inspire Design host and creator, is a visionary: “I wholeheartedly believe that inspiration is a magical elixir that will fuel you forward to make big moves in your life and your business. And I believe you can conjure up that precious elixir by feeding your creative soul through all the senses.” Attendees of the workshop include wedding planners, photographers, bloggers, and authors from California to London! All this creativity in one, beautiful setting? Yes, please!


I am so looking forward to sharing my expertise on all things Lifestyle, Branding, PR and Social Media (Read: busting myths, cultivation creativity, defining goals, launching your business and finding your voice). It is so funny, though. The women who attend Inspire Design always end up teaching me something! Particularly lessons in women supporting women and friendship in business. That is probably the main reason why I hope I land safely in Tuscany today!

Dolls, how often are you actively placing yourself in front of opportunity’s door? How often are you surrounding yourself with new, fresh faces? I love thinking about the truth that every person I meet is a source of inspiration. Be it to help them do what they love or aspiring to be like them!

Speaking engagements, conference, workshops and panels are always a highlight of this dream job of mine. Contact me here if you’re looking to inspire and be inspired! Let’s chat, Doll.