The Recap: Inspire DesignWorkshop

Had you told me six years ago that I would be returning from Tuscany after traveling internationally (alone!) to teach PR, social media strategies and marketing to other business owners I would think you are CRAZY!

Every time Lulu, the founder of Inspire Design Workshop, invites me to educate at one of her experiences I return learning more about myself and my business than ever before. This experience was no different!

Yes, you heard that right — My role is to empower business owners and to push them to grow their brands. However! They end up teaching me and pouring into me, too!

When you are given a gift to pour into others, you learn so many beautiful lessons along the way. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned from Tuscany and from the incredibly talented group of attendees that were there with me!

Melody — You taught me that patience and baby steps can make you unstoppable. I bet you didn’t realize that did you? I know it took me a while to “peel back” the layers of YOU and your growing brand… BUT I am so incredibly proud of your hard work and dedication that you have already poured into your business. You have so much to offer and I can’t wait to watch your business flourish!

Olivia — You continue to amaze me every single time I see you! You taught me that dedication to small changes in your business can produce BIG results. You are doing BIG things and I am SO proud of you!

Monique — You are just one of those people I always want to be around! You taught me to find peace in letting go. I love how take-charge you are! What a blessing and a gift that is in life! I am so proud of your continued professional success and am going to hold you accountable for your new healthy journey! SO proud of you!

Tia — Ummm can I please come and visit you and your new venue soon?! SO excited for you and SO happy we were able to sit next to each other at dinner on the final night! I know we only spoke for one evening, but you taught me to trust in the unknown. You have so much faith and trust and it is such a beautiful gift! You are going to do such BIG things!

Anna — I miss you already! You are one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. I love how much you love your clients and planning weddings! You taught me to find joy in the little things in life. Because that is what YOU do! I am going to be watching your social media - - I want to see more photos of YOUR pretty FACE!

Jennifer — There are so many things I want to say right now! Your laugh is contagious and you are such an incredibly talented planner and designer. Your need for a higher education (even when you are at the level you are!) is so refreshing. You taught me that no matter how old your business is or how you define “success” — you can always learn something. What a beautiful lesson from a beautiful heart. Loved meeting you and am so proud of you!

Dyonne — Girlfriend, your business brain is unstoppable! You are so incredibly smart and I loved our time together! Thank you for reminding me that business “fails” are actually business “wins” with the right mindset. Your personality is infectious and I am your biggest cheerleader!

Denise — Out of everyone at Inspire you and I did not get as much time together, BUT — you actually still taught me something! Every time I looked over at you, you were smiling or laughing! You taught me that no matter what, smile through life—it is the only way to live!

Marissa — Do you realize how incredibly beautiful you are?! Okay, just wanted to put that out there! You taught me to embrace important relationships in life. You are such a great friend, colleague and mother. I love watching your brand grow—and this is just the start of it! So proud of you!

Hailey — I don’t even know where to start with you! You taught me SO much this week, but mostly that there is beauty in vulnerability. Thank you for being my rock!

To my Just Face It Beauty babes — God KNEW I needed you in that very moment! Wow. What a powerful connection and what incredibly loving hearts you both have! I admire your work ethic, your friendship, your savvy business skills but most importantly your hearts filled with Christ. Love you both! Thank you for teaching me that being vulnerable on the inside is just as beautiful as pretty makeup on the outside!

Lulu — Look at this community you’ve built! So lucky to call you my friend and colleague. PS: You area always teaching me to find peace in the unknown. Thank you for taking me to new places!

Eliana — I could not complete this list without YOU! You are always teaching me things, whether you know it or not. This trip though… you actually taught me that managing through the mess can be a beautiful thing. Life is NOT easy. Business can be tough. With a positive attitude and a clearly defined end result, you are unstoppable! PS: I am emailing you soon because YOUR doll date is 100% happening!

Sending you all SO much love today and always!