Building a House, Building a Dream | #THEDOLLDREAMHOUSE | The Caroline Doll

They say that building a house together is one of the biggest tests for a marriage. Well, only a year into our marriage, Costa and I decided to take the AP class approach to life and take a junior/senior test our freshman year. We bought the grass over a year ago, and just a few days ago the trees came down.

What did I feel when I saw trees down?
(a) Panic — My future neighbors are going to be my in-laws?!
(b) Excitement — My custom dream house is coming to life!
(c) Overwhelmed — Is this another project I’m going to manage?!
(d) All of the above


Yes, you read that correctly. My in-laws live on the property next door. I am so grateful for the opportunity for plenty of family time, but still! I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit there was a little bit of pressure, there! So, yes. Option (a) Panic, is definitely applicable.

It’s almost unreal to see this come into reality, particularly because I’ve seen it before. The first time I walked into the Greek Church (where my husband’s family attends), the first time I met Father Nick, I had a vision of myself standing at an acrylic podium, in a glamorous dress, celebrating a fundraiser we held for the church. Being a servant for others is the heart of POSH PR because servitude is my heart. I want to infuse that into every element of my life and I want my home to be a place for that — especially to give back to the Church. Having this vision brought forth into reality to me is a sign that my dreams are becoming my life, and I can’t thank God enough for that. He has blessed me with so much and I want nothing more than to return that blessing on others! So, yes. Option (b) Excitement is most definitely applicable.


I currently live in a home I customized with a builder. However, building a house from the ground up with a CUSTOM builder is a whole other ballpark. We bought grass. Now, every single decision is up to us. No cookie-cutter house, here. We’re building a luxury home, with a great majority of it devoted to the POSH PR® office. There will be a conference room. There will be a studio for photoshoots. There will be storage for props. There will be nooks for #THEPRDOLLS. Costa always jokes that we are building a house around my office. It is multiple building projects in one! What is a doll to do?! Option (c) feel overwhelmed.

What’s the final answer? Option (d) All of the above! 

When you run a luxury business, you want your office to represent that. I have been looking for luxury lifestyle bloggers all around the nation to see if there are any doing what we are doing. Unfortunately, my searches have yielded very few results. So, along this journey, I will be doing  a lot of research. There will be paint samples. There will be tile samples, and even details about the charcoal grey grout vs. the grey sanded grout and why the difference matters! 


This entire journey will be a learning process and I am a student ready to learn! If there are any boss babe blogger friends who have built their luxury dream house from the ground up, e-mail me here! I would love to chat with you. And if you, too, are beginning a similar journey, I promise I’ll be sharing all about it under #THEDOLLDREAMHOUSE — tips, tricks, and the good, the bad and the ugly, but most importantly — the pretty!