Happy Anniversary, POSH PR®!

My first photo as a new business owner…

My first photo as a new business owner…

Celebrating 6 years with POSH PR®!

Celebrating 6 years with POSH PR®!

I’m sure you’ve seen the latest “how hard it hit you challenge” going around on social media. You’re supposed to post an early photo of yourself and compare it to how you’ve changed—for better or for worse—since then.

Well, 6 years ago today I started my business, POSH PR®. And I am happy to report that my business—and my life—have had a total glow up!

When I started my business, I was in a tough place. And I haven’t talked about that a lot! I loved doing medical sales. I was good at it and I cared deeply for my clients. But it was time to move on. I had a long hard look at myself in the mirror and said: “Caroline, it’s time to make a choice. I can let all of the terrible and unfortunate things that have happened in my life run me down. I can cast blame on everyone else. Or I can bury that negativity and let something beautiful flourish and grow.”

That’s when I decided to take back my life. To start a business based on love. To create a space for women, with women, where we can thrive.

I’ll be honest—people thought I was crazy! My mom, my friends, even my own self-doubt questioned what I was doing. But you know what? Sometimes wonderful things require a leap of faith.

Because I was being true to myself, because I was working hard, and because I let love take the lead, I am so happy to celebrate this 6 year milestone! I have learned SO much over the years: about leadership, about business owning, about personal happiness. I learned to share responsibility with a team. I learned to give myself grace. I learned how to keep a payroll and do taxes for a business! And I have been given so many incredible opportunities: to speak internationally, to work with clients around the world, to host workshops and TV segments, to wear lots of fabulous outfits and pop lots of bottles of champagne.

I love that the anniversary of my business falls so closely to the New Year, because I can reflect on my work and life together. This year, ELEVATE is my Word For 2019 both as The Caroline Doll and as the Head Doll of POSH PR®!

Will you join me in raising a glass to 6 years of celebrating authenticity, community, and all things pretty? Cheers!