Increase Your Reach With TV!


Hey doll! Think about your brand’s future. What’s your plan for growth? Do you want to reach a bigger audience? Maybe get a promo video for your company’s launch, or a huge upcoming event? Well…have you heard about the Lifestyle & Fashion Guide on CBS 6 Virginia This Morning?!

Allow me to tell you about it!

The Lifestyle & Fashion Guide is a TV segment that I host and produce with The PR Dolls. We hand select clients to feature and promote them to thousands of Virginia families! This is one of my favorite things to do for clients. Want a rundown of how it works?

First, my team builds a set that is custom to your brand! Think shopping bags, fresh flowers, colored cupcakes, all the little details that come together to make your brand. This isn’t your average talk show where we sit at a plain white table and sip coffee out of plain white mugs! Everything is made to promote YOU.

Next, we will write your talking points for you! We are talking start-to-finish production assistance. If you have camera fright (no shame—this is very real!), you don’t have to worry. I am a media-trained professional and I promise to make you feel right at home during the interview! We can rehearse as much as you want and take all the retakes—what matters is making you comfortable so that your brand can shine!

But the promotion doesn’t stop there, doll! We will follow up with a blog that recaps the TV segment and goes into more detail about all you offer. Our viewers will be able to find your website and get in touch with you. Not to mention, we will push the blog in our weekly Doll Diary to maximize viewership!

And of course, you will get your own digital file of the segment so that you can post and share on all of your own social media platforms.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get in touch and get you on TV!