Speaking Your Language


Nothing fires me up more than educating and empowering business owners to design a life they’ve always wanted to live. Being surrounded by hardworking women (ok…and men) reminds me of why I love what I do. To be a part of each person’s journey into business owning and building a dream life is the greatest gift!

That is why I LOVE public speaking and sharing what I am passionate about with others in the industry! From one-on-one doll dates to speaking in front huge crowds at conferences, I truly love educating others and getting real about my own story! Some of my favorite topics are content, branding business, lifestyle, marketing, PR, and the art of sales.


I honestly got where I am by being able to curate a beautiful Instagram feed. Some people believe that this is just an innate gift that some have, but I fully believe it is teachable! I can help you figure out what kind of content is best for telling your unique brand story, and how to create that content!


Have you heard about my Unicorn Guide? This is one of my very favorite topics! The Unicorn Guide is the how-to on discovering your personal brand and making it real.


I am a business doll at heart! Wondering how to reach a 6 figure income? It seems unattainable but it’s totally not, and I can give you 10 steps to follow!


Discover your purpose! You can’t run a successful business without being in touch with your core identity. I work every day—but I feel like I don’t work at all! I love seeing women discover work that feeds their souls.


Attract your ideal client by growing your social media following! Learn how to put yourself out there, work with trends and algorithms, and understand social media metrics.


What is PR? How do you know if you need it? Obviously, being the CEO of boutique PR agency, this is very close to my heart! I believe that the right PR can connect you to your ideal audience and grow your brand beyond your dreams.


I got my start in medical sales. Selling things is basically second-nature to me! If you’re wondering how to pitch your product, service, or idea to a big client, I am here to help!

If you think your team or audience could benefit from any of these talks, contact me! Again, motivational and instructional training are part of my heart’s longing to elevate the lives and businesses of other women.