Put Yourself Out There!


Hey doll! I talk a lot about building a champagne life. And I’ve realized that so many sweet dolls do not believe in themselves! One of the reasons I love being a small business owner is that I have the opportunity to speak into the lives of these women. To encourage them that they are worth their dream lives!

But it’s HARD. I realize this! There are so many risks when you are running your own business. Making investments. Making new hires. Learning to pay yourself and give yourself breaks! All of these things can be challenging, but I KNOW you can do them—and I am always by your side to be your Business BFF!

One of the scariest but most important parts of running a business is putting yourself out there. Not being afraid of who you are or what your mission is. And believing that others will care about and receive your message!

When I started POSH PR®, I was afraid to be myself. I thought people would view me as TOO girly, too over-the-top. Little did I know, so many business owners are actually craving partnerships with women who aren’t afraid to love pink and sparkles! Once I started to trust myself and use my authentic voice, the business started rolling in!

I say this to encourage you to be BOLD. You never know what kind of audience is actually just waiting for a voice like yours! For example, we recently sent some of our thoughts on social media to Forbes. This was yet another instance of me asking myself: do I need to “tone myself down,” or act like I’m someone I’m not, for the Forbes audience to accept me? I decided to take a risk! I know what I am talking about when it comes to social media, so I capitalized on that small spark of confidence and wrote in! Dolls, it worked! We were featured in an article about Instagram metrics, and I honestly freaked out. I never knew that this sweet little business of mine could actually be a force in the business world.

It just goes to show that when you are true to yourself, you have no competition!