The Social Media Blackout Seen Around the World


Dolls, Where were you during the #socialmediablackoutof2019?

I have to admit: I was in a complete panic. In the middle of a Keynote presentation about Social Media at the @inspire_designworkshop, I realized that the ghosts of New Orleans were trying to haunt me! How was I supposed to present my expertise on this topic, when my audience was unable to access that very topic?

I had to give myself a little reminder to not panic. I was so concerned about posting for our social media clients, and what the long-lasting effects might be, that I couldn’t focus on the task at hand. My PR Dolls were working hard to come up with a solution to a problem they couldn’t fix. Ultimately, we all came to the same conclusion: to wait and see what would happen.


What’s that old saying? “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” We’ve all heard how important social media is to everyone in the world, but the blackout definitely proved it! When the world was unable to access their friends’ posts, Instagram stories, and Facebook News Feeds, there was a legitimate panic and fury from followers everywhere. (It felt much better to see that I wasn’t the only one stressing about this situation!)

The blackout definitely helped me, though, to drive home an important point in my presentation: Social Media is a valuable resource in your brand’s reach.

I love helping my clients realize how the type of photos they post, the content of their captions, and their hashtag strategies all play a role in promoting their brand to their ideal client. It’s a market that is still relatively new for many business owners, but it’s reach is infallible. Knowing how many people every day are using social media as their go-to resource for research, news, and even shopping is something I implore my clients not to ignore.

So what do you do when your media market is suddenly closed?



While I was concerned for Posh PR and its clients, I wasn’t the least bit stressed about The Caroline Doll. With over 5,000 email subscribers, I knew that I still had another viable option to reach my followers. With my focused blog and targeted topics, I knew that my readers still had access to me and my brand despite the blackout.


It’s so important nowadays to make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket! While I still emphasize the significance of social media, I also help my clients create email campaigns that specifically target their ideal client; I work with them to write blogs that showcase them as the expert in their field; and no matter what, I make sure their content is perfectly on-brand for them and their followers.

So, what’s the number one lesson we’ve learned from the #socialmediablackoutof2019? Social Media is important, but don’t forget your backups!

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