Barbie Lives Inside Us All

Celebrating Women And the Lessons They’ve Taught US

Today is International Women’s Day and coincidently, tomorrow is another celebratory day that honors one of my favorite women: Barbara Millicent Roberts! Or as you might know her…Barbie! If there was ever a time to blast Aqua’s song “Barbie Girl,” and dance around your house, it’s this weekend. 


I’ve always loved Barbie, from the time I was a little girl up until now — but not for the reasons you may think. Barbie stepped onto the scene during a time when it was a man’s world. She helped girls imagine what their lives could be like in the future. She defied all stereotypes by working as an astronaut, a doctor, and CEO (one of my personal favorites)! Since her creation, Barbie has had over 150 different careers… so basically, she can do anything! 

In most instances, people look at Barbie as an unattainable character, but in my experience, that’s not true at all! I believe there’s a little Barbie doll that lives inside all of us. Just like Barbie, we are all strong women who can follow our passions and do anything we set our mind to.

Barbie has acted as a role model to me, and to so many little girls. She’s even the inspiration behind the name “The Caroline Doll.” 

Growing up, my momma always called me her little “Caroline Doll” or her little “doll baby.” She knew even before I did that I would break stereotypes and spend my life helping other women achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of. (Barbie isn’t the only one who deserves a dream house!) I’m currently working on creating my #DollDreamhouse and #TheDollHQ! It’s my personal goal to create a space perfect for inspiring women to create inspiring work! This dream is closer to becoming a reality each day, and I’m more focused than ever on channeling my inner Barbie and getting the job done!

So today, I’m celebrating the amazing women in this world, but I’m also celebrating the doll that helped teach me to “be who I want to be.”