Why Kindness Never Kills

Random Acts of Kindness That Will Make Someone’s Day

I’ve learned so much about life from my beautiful momma. But one of the most important things she’s taught me is kindness! 

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When you pass someone on the street what you notice is surface level — maybe you pay attention to the killer shoes they are wearing, or how great their makeup looks. You don’t see the things that they may be struggling with. Growing up, my momma always taught me to be kind because you never know what someone is going through or the hardships they may be facing. 

This lesson is one that has stuck with me over the years. With social media being such a large part of our day to day lives, we have become accustomed to seeing only the highlight reel of someone’s life and forget that there are bad days too.

 When I was growing up, my mom and I would play a game called “Random Acts of Kindness.” Everyday when I would come home from school she would ask me “Who did you love on today?” My answer could be something as simple as letting my friend have the last purple crayon even though I really wanted it. But even that simple act was one that made my friend so very happy and my kindness didn’t cost a thing. 

Now that I’m older, my random acts of kindness have changed, but the joy I get from making others happy hasn’t at all! I love seeing others succeed and I especially love helping them on their journey to success! Here are some random acts of kindness that will make someone’s day without causing you to miss a beat.

    1. Hold the door open for the person behind you — even if you have to wait a minute 

    2. Ask the stranger in the elevator how their day has been 

    3. Compliment a stranger 

    4. Send a text message to a few friends reminding them how thankful you are for them

    5. Pay it backward: buy coffee for the person behind you in line 

    6. Let someone who has a few items go ahead of you in line at the grocery store

    7. Smile at a stranger when you make eye contact

    8. Let someone in front of you during traffic 

    9. Send your boss an email about how amazing one of your coworkers is 

    10. Compliment a mother on how well behaved her children are 

    11. Leave a larger than normal tip for your waitress/ waiter

    12. Send a handwritten card or letter 

    13. Pay the toll for the person behind you 

    14. Help someone load their groceries into their car

    15. Buy your friend something that they have been eyeing for a while

Sending a handwritten letter or paying for the person behind you is an activity that takes just one minute, but the smile you put on someone’s face can last for hours! So sweet dolls, “Who did you love on today?”