How To Wear Fur Year Round

I love the warm weather, and I am very much anxiously awaiting for the temperature to rise above 70 degrees. But the one thing that I will miss about winter is my faux fur. I don’t know if I’m ready to say goodbye to it just yet, which got me thinking… who says you can’t wear fur year round? 

Fashion is all about breaking the rules. Gone are the days of only wearing white after labor day or avoiding pairing black with brown, it’s almost as if the bigger the style risk, the bigger the reward. And wearing fur for every season? That sound’s like a risk I am more than willing to take, dolls! Here is my ultimate guide to styling fur year round. 


Springing into Fur

The season change from winter to spring is one of the most dramatic of them all, so your style choices should be too! When it comes to wearing fur during this season you want to to stick to more pastel colors like lavenders or sky blues. One of my favorite jackets for spring incorporates three different pastel shades, giving it much more dimension and movement! These colors help to keep you in tune with the season, but the fur ensures that you will stay warm on the days that the temperature is still just a bit too chilly. You can pair this coat with a cute spring dress or a white top and grey pants for a look that even the most gorgeous blooms would be jealous of!


Summer Fur Styling

I know that this sounds absolutely crazy — wearing fur in the blazing heat of summer? No thank you! But when it comes to fur it doesn’t always have to be in the form of a coat! For summer, think more about incorporating it into your accessories. Fur pom poms on dresses and tops are adorable, but my favorite way to wear fur in the summer is on my shoes! These Sophia Webster strappy heels incorporate a little touch of fur while still adhering to the season! Although these beauties have gone back into the vault (why does it sound like I am talking about a Disney movie!) here is a similar pair that are just as stunning!

Another accessory that incorporates the texture is for summer is earrings. Fur pom pom earrings in a bright color will instantly elevate your favorite summer dress and keep you looking fun and flirty despite the heat.


Fall Fur

If you live on the East Coast like me, then you know that fall temperatures can range anywhere between the low 50’s to the high 70’s. Can you believe that this past year we even had some fall days that were almost 80 degrees? Because of the inconsistency in weather it is important to have a few different options when it comes to curating your fall fur collection.

One of my favorite ways to wear fur during this season is as a vest. Vests are perfect for the layering that everyone, myself included, love to do in the fall. You can wear a sweater dress or your favorite ripped jeans with a long sleeve t-shirt and look effortlessly chic each time you style it with a vest!

But the type of fur that is perfect for the fall? LEOPARD PRINT. I am so happy that leopard has come back in style and I might be a little guilty of having one too many leopard items in my closet (I’m not really sure if there actually is a thing as too much leopard though). I love wearing my leopard faux fur bomber during this season. Not only does it keep me warm as the temperature cools down in the evening, but the print automatically elevates any look. And regardless of what anyone says, I firmly believe that leopard print is a neutral!


Winter Wonderland Fur

This is the season that is what faux fur lovers wait for all year round. It is the perfect time to have fun with bright colored furs, fun patterns, and styles that shows off your unique personality, doll!

For me, I love a bright pink fur (obviously!), but I tend to gravitate towards darker tones when it comes to fur in the winter — surprising right?

One of my absolute favorite pieces is this Nasty Gal star patterned one (here is a similar style). I have been seeing stars everywhere lately from one the runway to local Richmond boutiques. It seems like everywhere I turn, someone is jumping on board with this pattern trend and I think you should too!

Regardless of the season, when styling fur it is important to choose pieces that highlight your unique individuality! Fur is such a statement piece, so why not make a statement that you want to share with the world. When you feel confident on the inside, you exude confidence on the outside — plus, how can you not feel confident when looking as fabulous in fur as you do, sweet doll?!