HOOP There It Is!


March Madness is a little different in my household. I'm all for a good game and stiff competition, but I much prefer boots and bags over basketballs! The fiercest battle in my house? Whether I'll wear Gucci or Chanel! (Most of the time, I end up wearing both!) 

Truth be told, fashion is my favorite game. There's an intense contest every morning between my Sophia Webster's and my Louboutin pumps, my YSL or my Louis Vuitton bag, and my Dior or Kate Spade sunglasses! 

For my bracket, I had to choose between all my favorite fashion brands (and it definitely wasn't easy)! I was having Sophie's Choice flashbacks, and wondering how on earth I could possibly decide between my favorite designers!

Here are my expert bracket picks!


And we have a winner! 

I'm so surprised how hard it was to choose, but am equally ecstatic to know which brand is my true love! It definitely became tough once I was down to the final four, and had to consider my options of Louboutin, Valentino, Tom Ford, and Yves St. Laurent. Once I weighed the importance of YSL and its history, though, there was really no chance for the other competitors!

So, what do you think of my choices? Hopefully, you agree! Want to fill out your own bracket? Click here to download it and choose your favorites! You can tag us on Instagram to show off your bracket winners!

Looks like there’s a couple more YSL bags I need too add to my collection! What should I purchase first?