Calling All Bubbly Beverage Lovers!

Drinks that’ll be staples in your next summer soiree!

Calling all bubbly beverage lovers, this one is for you! Dolls, as I’m sure you all know the tall tell signs of summer, are the longer days spent in the sun with a refreshing spritzer that doesn’t leave your hand. There’s nothing quite like feeling of being sun kissed while you hear the crackle pop of a bubbly beverage being poured. Although my go-to is the classic Champagne, this summer I can’t wait to try out some new, effortless recipes. 

All of these recipes are super simple to recreate, and there’s a good chance you’ll have most of these supplies already in your fridge. Who doesn’t love a recipe that has minimal materials and takes only about five minutes to prepare? Especially when you’re trying to make the most of the time you have outside! 


Presto - Sparkling Rose

Need: Lemons, mint leaves and Presto

Place lemon horizontally on cutting board, cut down the middle! You’ll use one side of the lemon to squeeze into your drink. Then cut the other half into half inch slices to use to garnish the cup. 


Wine Cube - Bubbles: White

Need: Green grapes, mint leaves, ice and Wine Cube

I started this drink by chopping up a few grapes and de-stemming some mint leaves to lay on the bottom of the cup. You can even muddle your grapes and mint leaves to create a stronger hint of these flavors. Lastly, you’ll add ice and pour of the Wine Cub - Bubbles: White. Don’t forget to add a grape garnish for presentation! 


Pop + Fizz - Sparkling Wine

Need: Orange and Pop + Fizz

This one is quite simple, I cut an orange in half then thinly sliced the other half to garnish my glass.


Champagne Pink Pop Rosé

Need: Strawberries and Pommery POP Rose

I sliced three strawberries to add to the rim for an additional bit of flare. You can even add a few cut up strawberries slices to the bottom of the flute before pouring over Champagne!


Bravino - Rosé

Need: Lime, mint leaves and Bravino

I prepped this drink by cutting a lime into thin slices. I added two slices to the cup rim and then paired the lime slices with a mint leaf for a hint of freshness when you tilt your cup back for a sip!


I can’t wait for my next summer soiree so that I can whip out these stylish but quick drink options! What drinks are you Dolls looking forward to sipping on this summer?!