The Doll Dream House UPDATE!

When Costa and I first started dating, he lived at his parents house for a bit and one night while I was over for family time, he took my hand and led me to the grassy lot next door. He looked me in the eyes and told me, “I’m going to build you a house here one day.” We laughed and initially I thought, “Well thank God I love my in-laws!” And just like any tale as old as time, years went by and it was never really discussed again. That wasn’t until we started looking at property for the #TheDollHQ that we realized we were ready to create something of our own to call our home! 


Our last update was quite big; we got walls! With walls, it’s easier to envision the space as a whole and where everything will find its place. When Costa and I aren’t working or doing date night, we’re quadruple checking our floor plans and timeline! It’s funny to look back and think that our pre-dream house date night typically was drinking a bottle of wine on our roof or strolling through the mall shopping. Now, it’s spent looking for cool new features to put in dream house! Honestly, most of the time it doesn’t even feel real, or that it’s all ours (I’m sure my bank account would beg to differ)!


The most fun thing about building The Doll Dream House and The Doll HQ at the same time is finding myself researching things I never thought I would have before! Dolls, last Sunday was spent comparing door stops! Yes, you read that right… door stops! I constantly tell my clients, “the difference between moderate and luxury is what you find in the details!” You betcha that this reflects in my personal life as well! It makes me giddy analyzing every detail of our floor plan and then look for furniture and knick knacks that will elevate the space! 

This experience has been eye opening to what a team from a HGTV show really does! But, I still can’t help each time I drive up the pebbled path way, knowing that what was once a distant dream is now my reality! You know what they say Dolls, hard work pays off!

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