Add That To The Calendar!

True story Dolls, I am notorious for setting up my laptop on my cosmetic box when I'm getting ready in the morning! There’s no stopping my hustle once the day has started. Some days I’m working from the moment my eyes open in the morning until the sun sets. When I get a quiet moment in the morning to just sit with my hair up, listening to Opera and playing with my poodle baby, I do a little happy dance!

Can any of you boss dolls relate? Here are few tips I use when I’ve been too on-the-go to remind myself to take a little ‘me’ time!



Trust me, I get it, your calendars is insane at all times! When you’re a boss, mother or really anyone in charge of a business, brand, or family, you’re typically the first person that you overlook! If you don’t schedule it, then you’ll forget to do it. It happens to the best of us! As a #BossDoll, you need some “me” time in the morning to ensure that the ship sails smoothly day-to-day!


I use my ten minutes (or so) of fresh air to spend some quality walk time with my babies! Little do these pups know, but their walk time is also my walk time! I use this time to get some fresh air and get a change of scenery from my desk.


When you fuel your body, you fuel your mind! You also create your best work when you’re energized and happy! I’ve been adding protein shakes during my day because they’re quick, easy to make and taste so yummy!

The hustle never stops and there isn’t always someone to tell you when you need a break. So, remind yourself in those little moments, that the work will be there in the morning and give yourself a little extra love! 


PS: Neiman Marcus has launched their Camp Gorgeous campaign just in time for summer! This year the campaign will run between June 7th and June 14th. What’s even better is that their latest exclusive includes a free teal Aquis rapid-dry hair towel with any $125 beauty purchase!