A Sweet Alternative

I’ve always been told that it’s great to eat the rainbow! So I keep that in mind when I’m fighting off my need for a mid-day sweet snack! It just so happens though that at the moment instead of craving chocolate and candies, I’ve been aching for my twist on the smoothie bowls! Not to get confused with acaí bowls but let be real it’s all blended up fruit anyways! 


I typically start off with bananas and strawberries as my base! This is my favorite base to use for my smoothie bowls; one, because it’s pink and two, because I think that’s the most common, first smoothie as a child combo around. Luckily though, just like those smoothies you had a kid, my favorite smoothie bowl is simple but classic! Lately, I’ve been itching to try something new, stumbled upon a new mixed berries recipe and it’s just too pretty not to love (well that, and it taste so good!). 

A few things you’ll need to make this oh so yummy, instagrammable bowl of goodness…


Ingredients Needed:

  • A Frozen Banana

  • Frozen Strawberries

  • Frozen Mixed Berries

  • Coconut Milk (or water — whichever your preference)

  • Olly Probiotic Powder


  1. Combine frozen banana, strawberries, coconut milk and probiotic powder in a blender. I like my smoothie bowls a bit thicker so I don’t blend it for too long. 

  2. Transfer smoothie into bowl and add toppings! 

And voilà! Smoothie bowl complete! The only thing greater than eating a smoothie bowl, is making the bowl so aesthetically pleasing in the most beautiful Instagram flat lay to display to everyone else!