2019 Father's Day Gift Guide

For The Toughest Of Gift Receivers

One of my favorite things in the world to do is make the important people in my life feel love and adoration! So, when it comes to shopping for my loved ones, I go through a few quick questions before purchasing anything.

Father's Day Gift Guide.jpg
  • Is this something they already own?

  • Is this something they wouldn’t buy but would love to have?

  • Would this bring them happiness?

  • Is this something I’m proud to give them? 

True story: I’ve always been told that I’m tough to shop for. I typically already own it or I’ll try and get a partnership for it. I mean… I feel like I’m easy to shop for but they might be on to something! Although I love it, gift giving isn’t something that comes naturally to me. For me, words of affirmation is my first love language. Thankfully my sweet husband is the world’s best gift giver and has shown me the ropes! Seriously Dolls, he bought me a little gift every sing day for the first year we were together, but that’s a story for another time! 

Father’s Day is right around the corner… June 16th to be exact! But not to worry, I have you covered! Whether you’re new mom shopping for your husband’s first father’s day or if you’re picking out something for your own father, here are a few stellar gift options for even the hardest of gift receivers! 

For the techie, I would recommend a new Sonos speaker or Apple AirPods! For the business man, an overnight duffle bag, a wallet and monogram cuff links and tie clip. For the sports expert, a leather bound baseball book and classic aviators. And last but certainly not least, the dad with all the good jokes, a collegiate style beer tee and New Balance sneakers

No matter who you’re shopping for, this holiday is about being thankful for all the father figures out there! So be sure to give your loved ones an extra big squeeze this Father’s Day!