Sophia Webster + Crystal Harness = LOVE

An accessory for a shoe? Sign me up!

My initial thought when I first discovered this crystal harness by Sophia Webster? Why would I add an accessory to a shoe that is already so perfect?! At the time, I couldn’t image adding it to various styles of shoes, like on a bootie, for example. My a-ha moment was when I realized I could wear the same shoe two days in a row but make it look completely different. The harness transforms the entire shoe and gives you so many new ways to style your outfit. 

Here’s a few things you need to know if you are considering investing in a crystal harness:

You can now accessorize your accessories!

If you’ve been following along with me for a while now, you know that shoes and bags are my thing. My new thing? Shoe accessories! Having the ability to accessorize my accessories takes getting ready in the morning to a whole new level.


The same shoe, multiple ways!

The harness can take any basic neutral heel and transform it to a dazzling new style. I mean honestly, when I saw the combination of the Daria heel with the Lorena Crystal Harness, I didn’t even think, I purchased! I love that I can wear the same shoe two days in a row but rock a totally different look!

They instantly elevate your shoe game!

For the #bossdolls out there that are busy building an empire, maybe you don’t have the funds at the moment to invest in designer shoes. Trust me, I’ve been there, too! Why not invest in a shoe harness (I can’t believe I am saying this!) instead to instantly elevate your shoe game!

They are not cheap —

Here’s the thing, the shoe harness is actually not cheap at $275. However! This one harness can be worn on so many different styles of shoes that it will make you feel like you just bought 10 new pairs for the price of one. You’re welcome!

Sophia Webster’s Branding Is On Point —

Okay, so this doesn’t exactly have anything to do with the shoe harness… But it helps when you find a brand like Sophia Webster that produces products that are consistently so chic and polished, just like their brand! From their social media presence to their email marketing campaigns, I’m very attracted to all of their campaigns. As the CEO of a branding agency myself, I absolutely love aesthetically strong + clean branding. I guess you could say I am their ideal client!

So the real question… what do you think of this shoe harness?! Check it out and let me know what you think!

P.s. One thing you need to know if you’re considering investing in a shoe harness — The first time around is a little tricky to put on. Be patient with the elastic piece that goes under your heel. Once you get it on the first time, you’ll have more give and pull for when you put it on a different shoe next.