Lipstick Week 2019

Let’s make Instagram Kiss-tastic!

Creating content is something I’ve always loved. Seven and a half years ago when I was building my brand, I always felt that styling with lipstick helped represent the brand well. Funny enough, I actually became known for taking a beautifully packaged lipstick in a stunning shade and using it as the perfect final touch of an image. Lipstick is feminine and has the ability to elevate your day-to-day look. As a girly girl at heart, I love any excuse to get #alldolledup — but as a Doll on-the-go, this definitely is not a part of my every day routine. Instead, I love to use a bold lip to enhance my look. Saving time and looking chic? My favorite combination, sign me up!

Adding a bold lip every day to my look has created a deep appreciation for curating a collection filled with the perfect lip colors. It took me a bit of time to find, but as soon as I laid eyes on MAC Cosmetics “Candy Yum Yum” it was official — I had finally found my perfect shade. Truth Dolls, “Candy pink kisses and unicorn dreams, these are a few of my favorite things,” is my favorite Christmas card quote that describes me perfectly. So, in honor of National Lipstick Day, and a girl’s goal of finding the perfect lipstick shade, this year I want to pay tribute to a few brands I know you’ll love too! 


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Heart Melter | Moisture Melt Lip Gloss Stick in Wink Wink, Sweet Talk, Hunny Bun, Be Mine, Crazy 4 U, + Too Hot

The meaning of Kaja couldn’t be more precise to the product — In Korean, KAJA means “let’s go!” I love that this company in particular wanted to “create bite-sized beauty packed with Korean innovation that once you experience, you'll want to share.” They couldn’t have been more accurate! These Heart Melters are so lightweight and so easy to pop into my bag when I’m on the go. Whenever I’m around anyone while applying a quick touch up, they always ask what lipstick brand I’m using because the packaging is just too cute not to! At the moment my favorite is Wink Wink but I can’t help but gush over Be Mine and Sweet Talk too!



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Smack-A-Ron | Matte Velvet Lipstick in Red Velvet, Sorbet, + Raspberry Mousse

I’m Your Jelly Bae! | Matte Gel Lipstick in Darling, Romeo, Hubby, Babe, + Lover

Wat-A-Matte | Matte Liquid Lipstick in Sweet Tooth, Cupcake, Pink Velvet, + Pink Smoothie

Whenever I’m picking up anything from CVS, I can’t help but peek at the beauty aisle to see if there’s anything new that I must have. This was when I first caught sight of Joah Beauty! I loved the detailing in the packaging and decide to give it a try. After a little research, I couldn’t help but absolutely fall in love with this brand! This is another K-beauty brand — Joah means “I like it,” in Korean. I’m obsessed with their mission statement; they say, “We believe in celebrating life, fearlessly flaunting your femininity & being unapologetically girly.” And I couldn’t agree with that more!



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Organic Lipstick | Precious Pink

This female owned business is, “creating an experience, not just a one stop shop for your clean beauty needs.” You know what I say Dolls, when you begin educating others, you become the expert. Aisling Organics does just that, by educating their consumers — “We want to express our vision to have every mother, daughter, sister, friend + loved one to be using the purest ingredients on their skin; not just because people are told to but because they’re educated.” This organic lipstick is also gluten-free, how neat! All of their products are made of natural, organic formulas composed with the purest ingredients such as pumpkin, black tea, German chamomile, shea butter, coconut oil and more!


Finding your perfect shade isn’t always easy, in fact sometimes it can feel like the color never exist but let me reassure you Dolls, finding your color is so worth it! Lipstick is feminine and has the ability to elevate your day-to-day look.This resonates with me so much because as the CEO of POSH PR®, I strive to work with female entrepreneurs, elevate their brands and empower them to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. In fact, I built POSH PR® on the same joy I felt when finding my perfect shade. POSH PR® dolls are girly and glamorous… They wear tutus on Tuesdays, give candy pink kisses, and know that Champagne Is Always The Answer.

P.s. What’s your dream lip color? Add it in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it to my roster of favorites!