The Basics For Blondes

A Q&A With My Main Girl — My Hair Stylist

I’m constantly asked what my secret is to having such healthy looking, blonde hair. Well Dolls, I’m excited to announce that here’s first of many more blogs to come where I sit down with my stylist, Rachel and discuss the do’s and do not’s of blonde living! 

Rachel has become one of my best friends over the years and is the owner of ELLE Style Studio. I had no idea that blonde hair was so high-maintenance and required so much care. Funny enough, I trust Rachel so much that I’ve never asked her these questions before!


Is there’s a particular temperature setting blondes should be using when it comes to their hot tools? 

R: Blondes definitely have sensitive hair because the act of coloring makes the hair more fragile. I highly recommend using GHD products because they have a smart setting on their hot tools! This means that there’s no temperature that you would set the tool at, it just knows what temperature is needed for your specific hair. This is especially good for blondes (and anyone else who gets any form of color treatment on their hair!) because it’s not as damaging to already fragile hair. 

For the Brunette Dolls interested in joining in on blonde living, what can they expect?

R: I would say if you have dark hair, you should expect for at least six months to a year to properly go from brunette to blonde with out severely damaging their hair. Keep in mind that depending on your hair, this could be costly.

Is there a particular shampoo that blonde’s should be using?

R: Shampoo is definitely different for everyone, but more often then not with blondes specifically I recommend a shampoo that has promotes moisturizing and hydrating your hair. I tell my clients to stay away from protein based hair products because they have the ability to over proteinize your hair. This will create a brittle texture to your hair which will cause it to break — yikes! 

How long can you actually go between hair washes?

R: Again, it’s different for everyone and it’s mostly based on the texture and amount of hair someone has. But, for you specifically Caroline, I wouldn’t go more than two or three days. When clients ask this I always tell them that the longer they wait to wash their hair, they need to be sure to do scalp massages in-between. This will improve blood circulation on the scalp and will nourish the hair root which triggers hair growth. 

I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t use too much conditioner. Is this true? 

R: Too much conditioner isn’t really a thing. Like I always tell you, just start from the end and work your way up to the root. The ends need it the most because they’ve endured the most. 

Do you feel the same about leave in conditioner? 

R: Yes,  it acts as an additional barrier from environmental factors or excessive use of hot tools. 

And with that, is too much dry shampoo a thing? You know, asking for a friend! 

R: Yes (smiles) —Using too much dry shampoo is definitely a thing. It’ll build up over time and eventually start drying your hair out. I don’t use dry shampoo as often as the next, but when I do I typically will spritz the hair and then blow dry it so that it evenly distributes on my hair. 
Here’s all the dry shampoo products that I think would work great on your hair depending on your preference of texture!

Truth — Rachel texted me this!

Truth — Rachel texted me this!

  • Dry Shampoo: (This comes in a normal aerosol can) This typically has a little more stick than the other options.

  • Wet Shampoo: You can use this to spray all over your hair similar to a traditional an aerosol bottled shampoo.

  • Powder: Blondes tend to like this option more because it leaves your root whiter.

  • Paste: This is the newest type of dry shampoo and it also works really well. You take a dollop and massage it into your roots.

How long should you get your hair touched up? Or better yet, how long is it okay for blondes to go in between color sessions?

R: It really just depends on what kind of blonde you are. An all over blonde, that’s you Caroline, can’t go more than 4 weeks in-between sessions.

Can I get my hair touched up more than 4 weeks? Say like every week or every other? 

R: That’s definitely a preference thing for each individual. I don’t think that that’s necessary, but celebrities tend to get theirs touched up weekly. Once you do go blonde though, the maintenance is much easier! 

How do you feel about blonde shampoos? 

R: I really dislike the hype of blonde shampoo especially for everyday use. I understand that some people might need to lighten their hair in between salon visits, but I think that they dull the blonde in their hair when using many purple shampoos on the market. It adds in pigment to your blonde which ends up canceling the pigment already there.

I’m so excited to continue this Blonde Doll series with you all! If you have any particular questions or topics that you’d love for me to discuss with Rachel, submit your specific questions/topics below!