Self Confidence Is The Key To Success

Feeling Confident Doesn’t Come With A Particular Size

You might not believe this... Although I was the captain of the cheerleading squad, I still never felt like I fit in. Growing up I couldn’t quite understand why, but now it is incredibly clear to me.  At a very young age I was striving for “success”. It looked completely different at various stages in my life! 

  • At three years old it was selling my crayons for quarters to the other kids at school.

  • In fifth grade it was training every single day after school because I was the only one of my friends who didn’t make the cheerleading squad—and I was determined to be the best.

  • On a lighter note, as a high school student success was getting the most balloons on Valentine’s Day! (Slightly kidding here, but hey, it’s a good story!)

  • In college it was writing letters to big pharmaceutical companies telling them that if they didn’t hire me their sales would tank. Hey, we were in the middle of a recession, I did what I thought I had to do to get a job!

  • In medical sales (yes, I got the job!) I was determined to be the top seller and ended up becoming the National Sales Manager.

It is clear to me why I felt so different — the sales-minded drive and determination inside of me was something I was born with. 


I went to the same Christian school my entire life—Christian Academy of Louisville. I grew up with the same group of friends and remember hearing their goals and dreams—most of which focused around family and babies and being a stay at home mom. 

Disclaimer: I know wholeheartedly that being a stay at home mom is HARD WORK! I definitely did not understand this at the time, but I believe that you have the power to create your dream life, and if your dream life is being a stay at home mom, I LOVE IT! 

I felt very disconnected when realizing that my dream life was very different from all of my friends growing up. While they pictured their families, I was picturing climbing the corporate ladder. While they pictured beach vacations with their little ones, I was picturing jet-setting somewhere glamorous with my husband. While they pictured small town charm, I saw the big city lights.


When I left my multi-six-figure salary to start my own company, a company with services that didn’t exist (trust me, if it did, I would have applied to work there!) I started a new journey towards success. Today, serving YOU and loving on my PR clients is how I define success. Helping you live your dream life and discover your power in doing so, this is success to me. 

Success is defined by YOU. Whatever it means to YOU, every single day fight for what you want your Champagne life to look like. No, it will not be easy, but yes, it will be worth it!