A Doll On The Go

Wheels up, I’m heading to Austin!

And I’m off, Dolls! My sweet husband Costa and I are taking a getaway to Austin, TX to attend a wedding this weekend. One of the biggest things to plan for before leaving for any trip is packing! I know you’re probably thinking, “Why is this such a prominent part of your trip experience?” Dolls, I kid you not but it actually takes me about four hours to pack! Crazy… I know but hey, this is me!


Normally, when I’m packing I like to stick to neutrals. I choose to do this because neutrals are so easy to layer and build on when creating multiple outfits while also trying to save room in my luggage. This time around, I decided to try and spice things up a bit! I went with a lavender and assorted pink color scheme. I made sure to pack my new L'Academie blazer and Young, Fabulous & Broke tie die maxi, along with an Endless Summer cheetah mini and a hot pink, satin skirt by Express x Rocky Barnes. Now I’m still a #BossDoll who appreciates chic comfort, so I made sure to toss in some of my staple pieces as well. My athleisure go-to outfit at the moment is my Gucci shirt, ribbed biker shorts with my Dior high-tops.


While I’m spicing things up, I figured I’d add a little twist to my usual travel uniform as well. It’s become an iconic travel ensemble for me, so you can’t miss me! Seriously, Dolls you can always find me in the airport sporting my pink Louis Vuitton purse, a bodysuit (cheetah, this time around), black leggings, a distressed denim jacket, and my absolute favorite Louis Vuitton high top sneakers.

I’ve been dying to try the sporty business aesthetic by pairing my blazer with my biker shorts and Dior high tops! What are you thoughts, Dolls?

P.s. I’ll be posting a Travel Pink Guide from Austin next week, so be sure to be on the look out for that!