A Doll’s Glass Slipper

My Must Have Shoe Styles

When reminiscing on those big life moments, you always want to look back and remember how confident and happy you felt! For me, shoes and bags are basically my weakness, so finding the right shoe to wear in those moments are super important. I am definitely the girl that picks out her shoes FIRST and then finds the outfit to go with them!

Wearing the perfect shoe at the right time isn’t always based on comfortability! I mean, don’t get me wrong, wearing comfortable shoes is a bonus to any outfit. But, there’s so much more to finding the right shoe to create a perfect moment! 

There are typically three occasions that I hear women feeling discouraged when deciding on the right shoe for; for an interview, for a date night, and of course the best shoe to transition from day to night. When getting ready for an interview or for a date, I always tell myself that being intentional with what you wear will make you feel ten times more confident. And that is key in these two particular moment! 


For an interview:

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve had my last interview, but the same rule applies whenever I  meet with new clients! I like to stick to the classics. One days that I want to make a powerful first impression, I always reach for my light pink heels from Christian Louboutin or my nude classic pumps from Manolo Blahnik.


For a date:

I like to be a bit more daring when selecting shoes for a date! This is my time to showcase my personality through my outfit choice. Recently, when Costa and I go out for date nights, I’ve been wearing my newest Dolce Vita heels from Revolve (as seen on the right). This block heel elongates my legs while still being stylish and easy to walk in! Another go-to, favorite of mine are the bow heels from Sarah Jessica Parker’s collection.


When transitioning from day to night:

I alway prefer a sneaker. They’re typically more versatile depending on the rest of the outfit and easy to wear when my day requires client and house meetings. I love wearing my Louis Vuitton sneakers with a structured blazer during the day and transitioning those same sneakers to a dress ensemble for the night! 


When purchasing any new shoe, they should make you feel like you’re unstoppable! For these special moments that could turn your life around, you don’t want to wear anything that will make you feel unsteady or that you’ll fidget with. So stand up straight dolls and strut those shoes!