Stop, Collaborate And Listen

Collaboration Over Competition: A Credo

I know you see it all of the time on social media…. “collaboration/community over competition”. But, what does this really mean?

To me, this means creating genuine connections within a community. To take this a step further, it also means working within this community to create amazing products or deliver a stellar service to one another. In an industry that is constantly evolving and so widely unique to each and every person in it, collaboration is a perfect way to connect with others! Being able to learn from one another while working together is priceless.

I told #theprdolls this past week that I feel as if social media — a platform that should encourage users to be MORE social — has actually isolated some of us. Especially business owners, as they heavily utilize and rely on the platform to grow their brands (hey, I get it!).  From a CEO and business owner stand point, collaborations are a perfect way to connect two audiences and create meaningful relationships in my community.

As an Influencer, being able to collaborate with others is definitely one of my favorite parts of my job because I’m able to connect with so many different types of creatives and brands. I find that when I’m collaborating with others, it pulls me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to think more strategically and outside of the box! One of my favorite collaborations I’ve done in the past was with The Graduate hotel here in Richmond. They were so kind to Costa and I while we had our stay-cation there for our anniversary! I recommend The Graduate to any and all friends who are coming into town, and that recommendation comes from our collaboration together!


I’m telling you Dolls, collaboration is everywhere!

In 2016, Sephora created a eyeshadow palette out of Pantone’s colors of the year. Last year, Sephora also collaborated with The Museum of Ice Cream when designing an entire perfectly, Instagrammable beauty collection.

Honestly, some of my favorite products have come from collaborations. I do have to say though that hands down, my favorite collaboration has to be the Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse collection. I have a wallet from that collection that I’ll keep and cherish forever.


So whether it’s a product collaboration, influencer collaboration or even just a good ole collaboration between two creative individuals, there’s so much magic that comes from collaborating over competing. What are some of your favorite collaborations Dolls?

P.S. Some other collaborations I’m obsessed with: Starbucks x Spotify and David Bowie x Queen creating Under Pressure.