Voting is OPEN: Alt Summit 2020

As you Dolls know, I LOVE public speaking! It truly is my calling.  Nothing gives me more of a rush than standing in front of a crowd of likeminded people and speaking about something that is truly impactful to their lives.  So as you all can imagine I am constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to give speeches and, the most exciting opportunity has presented itself! Eeeek! I have been chosen as potential speaker at the Altitude Summit, or Alt Summit for short, in March of 2020 in Palm Springs!


For those of you that don’t know, Alt Summit is a premier conference for female entrepreneurs and people who want to have the opportunity to connect with them!  So in POSH PR® terms, it’s a #bossdoll conference which is right up my alley! Being nominated is honestly such a dream come true, I have been fantasizing of speaking at this conference for so long and the fact that this opportunity is within my grasp is unbelievable! The only catch is that I will need to be voted on by the public in order to secure my spot. If you want to help me achieve my goals of speaking at the Altitude Summit, please take the time to vote for me here! It would mean the world to me to be able to educate this community of women about my journey of intentionally designing my dream life. 

If chosen, I plan to discuss how I built a seven figure empire by utilizing my Instagram presence to attract ideal clients and close deals for my business. The use of strategic hashtags, personal branding, and becoming an accidental influencer have all provided me with the opportunity to build my dream business and I’d like to educate everyone on how they have the power to do the same. I am such a strong believer of intentionally designing my own dream life and believe everyone deserves this for themselves. I want to open new doors for people with my words and educate them on how sometimes what everyone else is doing is not always the answer! So yes, that means that your pretty brand CAN be successful. And yes, you can (and will) prove them all wrong! 


A comprehensive breakdown of what I plan to discuss in Palm Springs is all stated in my new book, A HOW TO GUIDE: THE IMPORTANCE OF BECOMING THE FACE OF YOUR LIFESTYLE BRAND AND HOW TO LAUNCH IN 25 DAYS! So if you haven’t yet be sure to check it out and use the code: BOSSDOLL now for 25% off your purchase!