House Party

#TheDollDreamHouse Update

I have some VERY exciting news to share with you all, #TheDollDreamHouse is making some significant progress!  Every time I go to visit it is looking more and more like a home. I literally cannot believe that we are closing in on less than 2 months til move in! How INSANE is that!  I remember when we had just started discussions about building our house and now I am counting down the days til move in! But, until then, I’d really like take a step back and enjoy every small bit of progress that is being made!  It truly is a work of art and watching it grow from paper to reality has been a magical experience. 

It is remarkable to think that the last time I blogged I was updating all you Dolls on the stucco, exterior marble walls, and our porcelain floors.  It is incredible to see now just how far this project has come since then!  Currently we have some new major updates to add to that list!


A few weeks back I was head over heals for the additions of both exterior marble walls.  So, needless to say my mind was blown when I saw the newest additions of marble in both my bathroom and in mine and my husband’s closets!  Invisible Gray is hands down my favorite marble so seeing it in my closet in our bedroom is a dream come true.  This particular marble is imported from Italy although, my husband, Costa would know way more about that than me!


For those of you who have never met me in person it might come to a surprise to you, but I am quite tall. So, it is very rare to find moments in my life where I feel rather petite.  With that being said, I really really do feel like a Doll in her Dream House when setting foot in #TheDollDreamHouse.  The ceilings are 10’ and the doorways are 8’.  As a matter of fact, upon request California Closets is installing small hidden closets and storage areas for ladders all around the house so that I can access those tough to reach places!


California Closets Bedroom

California Closets is absolute KILLING it in my closet!  It is everything I have always dreamed of.  As most of you Dolls know, the importance of a closet in a woman’s life cannot be overstated. Therefore, an efficient, well designed and organized closet is vital to every woman’s home.  As a fashionista you can assume that I will be spending a good amount of my time in my closet.  By having California Closets collaborate with me on this design, it will definitely reduce my “I have nothing to wear” days because everything will be on display and/or have its very own well organized home! 

California Closets Pantry

A thoughtfully planned pantry is a must in a new kitchen.  Cooking truly becomes a pleasure when all the foods and supplies are easy to access and use.  Although cooking isn’t my forte, my husband on the other hand has quite a knack for it!  I cannot wait until we get settled in and I am able to watch him create something delicious.

Next On Deck

As I look to the future we have so many more exciting things at the forefront like adding the chandeliers, the installation of our kitchen cabinets, the marble installation on the fireplace, the marble and glass addition to the staircases, vanities in the bedrooms and of course all the final small details.

I am so excited to watch these next steps come to life and can’t wait to continue to update all you Dolls along the way!