Interior Design For Every Boss Doll

If you’ve been following along with our construction process, you already know I am in the process of building #TheDollDreamHouse and of course #TheDollHQ! As #allthethings construction related are progressing I’ve shifted my focus more into the design aspect of things. (I like to call this the FUN but equally as stressful part!)

For starters, *disclaimer* I am by no means an interior designer. But, with that being said, I have been designing things my entire life. From logos and websites for my clients, branding photoshoot setups, to what I’m wearing everyday—I guess you could say I have some “design” skills. Here’s the catch… I can make things look pretty, but being able to make something pretty AND functional is an entirely new process. I can truthfully say that our current house is one of those places where you aren’t 100% sure if you can sit on the furniture. It looks great! But, functional? Not so much.

SO! If you’re in the process of designing any interior spaces for your home, office, or business—keep these 5 tips in mind!


Visuals Are Key

I myself am a visual learner. I do best when I can actually see everything out in front of me. When trying to design a space (or anything, to be honest!) I make an effort to print and cut out every piece of furniture or accent I am planning on putting in a room. This allows me to get a real feel for how things are going to look living next to each other in my space. As a matter of fact, sometimes pieces of furniture I thought were the perfect match didn’t add up together at all. Let’s just say it’s so much easier to change your ideas around when you’re playing with pieces of paper and not 200 pound pieces of furniture! PS: I am SO excited about my new office wallpaper! Eek!

Functionality Over Everything

This is a key question to ask yourself in regards to building ANY type of livable space. It really makes you stop and ask yourself some of the toughest questions like, “Yes, it may be beautiful, but can someone sit with a laptop and get work done here?!” The question I continue to ask myself when selecting pieces for #TheDollHQ. If you hesitate on the answer, chances are it’s a no! Better to decide now then later down the road when you have back pain from sitting in a chair with no support!

Be Intentional

This is a phrase I have been living by lately! Whether you follow me on Instagram or are close to me in real life, you would know that it’s become a frequent part of my daily vocabulary in regard to many areas of my life. The simplest form of this expression could even be wanting to paint a room a certain color. Instead of just picking any random shade, be specific and choose one with a significant meaning. When Costa and I were selecting our front door color, we both settled on Dior Grey. Truthfully, we both loved the color, but I loved the meaning behind it more. As the CEO of a fashion agency, Dior Grey was the perfect fit!

Take Your Time

As much as I am a firm believer in instant gratification, this is not the area of your life for that. (As in firm believer, I am totally that girl that overnights every single package….) That’s why this is yet another key to success when designing a space. When my husband and I started this whole process we made a promise to each other to really think every decision through. We didn’t want to settle. It’s SO important to not rush into any major decision or purchase. I have had the furniture selections for #TheDollHQ for months now just living in a pretty little spreadsheet with links to purchase. Sure, I could have purchased all of it, stored it in a warehouse and called it a day. However, I’ve been waiting on sales and free shipping offers to make sure the same pieces I’ve selected are at the best price! (If you don’t know this about me, I love a coupon!)

Trust The Process

Not everyone is an interior designer or even a designer at all! The key to staying calm during this process is remembering that! It’s easy to get over whelmed, trust me, I know firsthand! Trust the process, ask questions and most importantly, ask for help if you need it. I’ve been able to connect with so many furniture designers directly and was even able to get special pricing by going direct!

I am happy to say that half of the furniture and accents for #TheDollHQ have been purchased and I am about to place another order next week! Eek! I cannot wait to share with you all of my intentional pieces once they have arrived! Until then, happy designing!