Is Pink Your Signature Style?

What Is A Signature Style?!

A signature style is a style that is unique to you. Yes, we ALL have one!

Let’s take Marilyn Monroe for example, I’m sure you all can envision her platinum blonde hair and bold red lip! What words come to mind when you think about her signature style? Bold? Fun? Bombshell? Well, in a way, your signature style is like your personal brand.  It has the ability to set an impression before you even speak.  It it crazy to think about the power your style can actually have! But, when you think about it, this is very similar to the power of a brand logo or a retail storefront. 

Finding your signature style means finding what empowers you to feel your best and most confident! For some people they search for years and years to discover who they really are by experimenting with their style.  I’m sure you can all think of that one person who has dyed their hair every shade of the rainbow by the age of 25!  Hey, maybe that IS their personal style! But, on the other hand, some people stick to the same hair color for the rest of their lives. (Hi! I’m Caroline and I am one of those people!)






I get so many questions about my signature style. If I had to describe my style in a few words I would say it’s a combination of timeless basics with elevated accessories…. or in modern day terms, can we call this Boujee Chic?

For starters, you can almost ALWAYS find me rocking a bold pink lip. Like always. Candy Yum Yum from MAC will forever be my favorite! I even petitioned to bring it back when it was discontinued… no joke!

Along with a bold pink lip, I am always in a white t-shirt. White t-shirt with a fun skirt and heels? Yep. White t-shirt with jeans and designer sneakers? Also acceptable. White t-shirt with black leggings and sequin loafers? Basically what I am wearing right now as I type this!

The best part about a neutral wardrobe? When the colors you wear are white, blush and leopard (yes, leopard is a color!) you can pretty much pair ANY bag or fun shoe with each and every look. My style revolves more around my accessories (I am a shoe and bag kind of girl!) and less around my clothes.

Taking this a step further… I collect luxury handbags. I have been for years! I remember when I went to purchase my very first Louis Vuitton handbag and I had saved $50 every week for months so I could pay for it. Since then I’ve been doing the same!

My style may not be for everyone but that’s the beauty of a personal style, it is unique to me!


Still trying to discover who you really are through style?! Here are some of my best tips when it comes to discovering your signature look!



Think about how you want your personal style to be perceived. Once you come up with these keywords, I recommend seeking out inspiration for people who’s looks excite you! You can look anywhere from pop culture to Instagram to fashion magazines. Find the options that work best for you and what makes you feel like the best version of yourself! 


Ah yes, the key to a signature style, repeating a look so frequently that people will start to notice when you forget it.  This could be anything from a certain style haircut, an everyday pendent, or cat eye eyeliner.  You can create a signature style from almost anything so find something you love and run with it! Stick to it enough and people will start to recognize you from it!


When trying to define what style would work best remember to consider your lifestyle. Yes, stiletto pumps are gorgeous but if you’re a gal on the go who walks 10 blocks to work everyday I might want to reconsider your signature item! (Totally regretting wearing my pumps in NYC last night… and I have the blisters to prove it!)

Sweet dolls — finding a signature style is such a fun way to express your unique personality. But the best part is showcasing YOU. True style is an energy that comes from within. So, what’s your signature style?