Lights, Camera, Get Ready For Your Closeup

5 Tips To Get Ready For A Photo Shoot Day

So as you all know Dolls, photo shoots are a huge part of my life.  Whether I am orchestrating them for myself or whether I am preparing for branding photo shoot with my company POSH PR® I’m always ready to bring my A game.  During my time as the Head Doll + CEO of POSH PR® I have learned so much about the importance about bringing a business to life during their photo shoots.  Photo shoots create a certain type of indescribable magic and there is nothing I love more than seeing the looks on my clients faces when we capture the perfect shot!  With all that being said, photo shoots are not always rainbows and sunshine from start to finish and there are a lot of moving pieces that go into getting the end result you are looking for.  That’s why I wanted to share some of my go to tips that I follow every time I have a photo shoot planned for myself!


Scout Locations

First things first, when I know I want to shoot I start to research for the perfect location to be the backdrop for my photos.  The location is crucial since it sets the tone for the overall mood of the photos.  When traveling I spend a particularly long time researching just so that I am familiar with some of the trendiest places to shoot in any given city.  When I am at home in Richmond, Virginia I most frequently shoot at Quirk Hotel.  I have been shooting here for years because I am obsessed with everything about the the hotel.  It also doesn’t hurt that my aesthetic matches Quirk’s perfectly!

What Do I Want To Showcase

The next step when planning a shoot is asking yourself what you are trying to showcase.  For instance, if this means I am planning a holiday inspired shoot I need to make certain to prepare the right props to get my message across!  

Prepare Wardrobe

You guessed it! After the location and props are both solidified next comes wardrobe!  I try to get this done well in advance so that I save time for wiggle room in case I change my idea.  In some instances if I plan a shoot far enough in advance I will have the ability to purchase new clothing pieces to fit the shoot as I have envisioned in my head!  I believe that doing this in advance helps prevent those days were I feel like I have “nothing to wear”!  I’m sure all you Boss Dolls out there know exactly what I am talking about lol!


Beauty Sleep

The night before my shoot I try my very best to get to bed early!  This ensures that the only bags that will be featured in my shoots will be Louis Vuitton and not under my eyes!  I honestly cannot stress this enough, everything looks and feels better on a good nights rest!  

Bring Your Smile

Last but not least, you can forget everything on the day of your photo shoot except those pearly whites! Smiling both figuratively and literally will help bring your shoot to life! Bringing both confidence and a positive attitude seals the deal for every single photo shoot! With that being said, there are some days when I have shoots planned where I am just not feeling it.  Whether I am sick, overtired, or stressed about other things, sometimes the last thing I want to do is get behind the camera but as you dolls know by now that A LOT goes into these photo shoot days.  In almost all cases backing out is not an option. So, what do u do, you ask?! I fake it til I make it!  That’s right, I put a smile on and act like the #bossdoll I know I am!

I hope these tips help you when scheduling your next photo shoot! But, if you’re looking to learn more about POSH PR®’s branding photo shoots head over to the blog here where we go into more detail about what these entail! 

P.S. Interested in becoming the face of your brand? Check out The Boss Doll e-guide!