Sugar Rush

Washington D.C. Sweet Treats Guide

For those of you who don’t know me, I’d say nine times out of ten I prefer savory over sweet but when traveling to D.C. that’s a whole different story! There are so many noteworthy options that I had to indulge in my sweet tooth! Whether you live in D.C. or are just visiting the area, it is a must to check out these spots for all your sweet treat cravings!  But hey, if desserts aren’t your thing, these places still offer awesome scenes for your next Instagram post!


Georgetown Cupcake

Sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne and cofounders of Georgetown Cupcake.  They left their careers in fashion and opened the original Georgetown Cupcake bakery in D.C. back in 2008! Everyone knows I am a sucker for a good #bossdoll backstory and of course a delicious vanilla cupcake! There’s something so remarkable about two women who risk everything to chase their dreams! Now, with six locations, and nation wide shipping, the Kallinis sisters are growing their delicious business and I am here for it!


Sprinkles Cupcake

Sprinkles is always on my radar when traveling.  With that being said, if there is a Sprinkles in the city I am visiting, I make certain to add it to my itinerary.  After all, what could be better than innovative company that created the very first of it’s kind, a pink, 24/7 cupcake ATM!?  I can certainly get behind that! Although, the D.C. location doesn’t have it’s own ATM it is still just as sweet as all the other locations! This Instagrammable sweet treat destination is sure not to disappoint whether you’re looking for the tastiest cupcake or the perfect photo op! Trust me, your feed and tummy will thank you! 



If cupcakes aren’t your thing then I suggest checking out the world famous Ladurée. If you are looking for an authentic French experience and have a sweet tooth for macarons then you are in luck.  I stopped by Ladurée for the most exquisite lunch and when looking at the menu I noticed that they had a strawberry rose champagne called Le Royale Ladurée which I had to try.  It was outstanding to say the least!  What can I say, pink drinks are just my favorite thing!  If you happen to a make a pit stop in Richmond, VA on your way into Washington D.C. then check out my pink city guide: drink edition!


Sugar Factory 

Sugar Factory is best known for their Signature Goblets which I am sure you dolls have see plastered all over Instagram in recent years!  But, when I went I knew I wanted to try something a little different.  So, I treated myself to the Bubba Bubba Gum martini!  Oh yes, it tasted better than you could ever imagine! I was trying to blow bubbles just after one sip!  When that was done I moved onto the next (adult) sweet treat called the Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan!  A unique take one the traditional Cosmopolitan garnished with a tuft of cotton candy on the side! SO delicious! This drink had me going down memory lane and instantly sent me back to my summers as a child that I spent going to fairs!  


So, Dolls, next time you’re in the D.C. area and get a craving for something sweet be sure to indulge and remember to count the calories later!

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