National Selfie Day

5 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success When Taking A Selfie

I can’t lie, I was a bit surprised when I looked at the national holidays for the month and saw National Selfie Day… After a quick laugh, my thoughts flooded with “how did the selfie originate to what it is now?” So after a quick Google search I found that, “The first selfie (referred to as a self-portrait at the time) had been credited to Robert Cornelius in 1839. Cornelius, credited as one of the American pioneers of photography produced a daguerreotype of himself.” 

The term ‘selfie’ has become quite a household term and was even announced the ‘Word of the Year’ in 2013. Being quite popular with the millennials and Gen Z generations, sadly we can’t say the same about the baby boomers. I remember when my mom sent me her first selfie…. So when explaining to my mother how to take a selfie three years ago, I tried to make it as simple as possible. I decided to come up with five easy steps to follow to set yourself up for success when taking a selfie and it had great success.


Step 1: Establish A Message

You’re heading out to meet the girls and your makeup is looking FABULOUS. So, you figure, why not take a selfie? No shame, we’ve all done it! Are you testing out a new eye shadow trend and want your gals to rave about your masterpiece? Or, are you showing off a new lip that’s absolutely kissable? When deciding to take a selfie, it’s best to start off with establishing a message or a direction. Once you’ve found your voice, prepare for step two through five! 

Step 2: Set The Stage

An iconic selfie isn’t just a duck face or a pretty photo, it’s a photograph telling a story! Think of the best selfies you’ve seen… the 2014 Ellen DeGeneres Oscars selfie comes to mind for me. Now, ignoring the fact that this exemplary photo has Hollywood’s top actors and actresses in the image, Ellen set the stage wonderfully! If it wasn’t this exact group of stars, dressed to the nines, would it have been as recognizable? So, consider that when you’re gearing up for the big moment. Remove unnecessary objects from the background and make sure you’re in a good spot that will showcase what story you’re trying to tell!

Step 3: Find Your Light

Even if you refuse to acknowledge social trends or want to stand out from the crowd, it’s still 2019! Society as a whole knows that “finding your light” is absolutely crucial to any style of photograph taken. This especially rings true with taking a selfie. The best way to think about it… When you’re at the beach and you’re looking into the horizon, depending on the time of the day, you see one of three things: a breathtaking sunrise or sunset, a black abyss, or too much light. You’re selfie should be viewed the same exact way! Not enough light will leave your photo a bit dark and could hide some of your beautiful features. Too much light can do the opposite, erasing pores and high points in an image (this typically is the line of your nose or the colors of your eyes). Your goal is to find that perfect sunrise or sunset light!

Step 4: Find Your Angle

You’ve hit the jackpot of lighting—seriously, it’s the Beyonce of lighting—and you’re ready to start shooting. Begin by holding the camera as far away as possible without straining your arm. I prefer positioning the camera slightly above eye level as it tends to be more flattering for me. Next, I think about composition. Is there anything in the background that I’d like to be visible in the shot or am I directly in the center of the image? Lastly, I consider my lighting and then shoot. This one might be a tad easier for you fellow tall Dolls out there. Sorry shorties, we still love ya though!

Step 5: Let YOU Shine Through!

You’ve gotten through the first four steps and you’re probably wondering what else there is to consider to ensure you have the world’s best selfie… My last piece of advise is the most important one of them all. Don’t forget to let YOU shine through! The best part of any selfie? The confident, beautiful subject… and that is you, sweet Doll! 

Now that you have all the tips and tricks needed to be successful in creating an iconic selfie, go out and give it ago! Don’t be afraid to try different facial expressions, outfits or even backgrounds. Just remember to be yourself because there’s no one else out there that’s quite like you! 

P.s. Did you know that on the iPhone there’s a designated album for selfies? Fun fact!