A Sip Here, A Pour There

From One Champagne Connoisseur To Another 

As the owner of the trademark Champagne Is Always The Answer, #theprdolls decided to host a Champagne Taste Test for me to see if I knew the precise taste of brut Champagne and what cup would come out on top as my number one choice. There’s a first time for everything! And I can easily say this is not how I thought my afternoon was going to end up. #theprdolls are quite creative because they knew this would be a missed opportunity if they didn’t film me doing what I do best!

It was quite an interesting arrangement! I sat with a blindfold while #theprdolls handed me seven different flutes of sparkling goodness. Okay well… the blindfold lasted for about five seconds. BUT the Dolls mixed up the order of what I was given and then encouraged me to guess which drink was Champagne, which wasn’t and select a favorite.  

So going into the test, I was convinced that the Pink Pop! Rosé Pommery was going to be my absolute favorite, hands down. I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up loving the Cupcake Prosecco more! Don’t get me wrong, I still am going to keep my pantry completely stocked with Pop! but I definitely will have to shuffle some of these others brands into my rotation.


Our Champagne Round Up:

Pommery Pop! Rosé | Champagne
Chandon | Brut Sparkling Wine
Freixenet | Cordon Negro Brut Cava Sparkling Wine
Lamarca | Prosecco 
Saint-Reine | Brut Champagne
Cupcake | Prosecco
Korbel | Brut Sparkling Wine


This afternoon was one for the books as we all sat around and giggled over the bloopers while sipping on some bubbly! Maybe we should post those next? I can promise you that their giggles are quite contagious in it. Should we have the #theprdolls do another take over some time soon?