Enneagram On The 'Gram

How Costa And I Celebrated Two Blissful Years Of Marriage

This past weekend my sweet husband and I headed to Trump Winery in a decked out party bus to celebrate our second year of marriage and Costa’s birthday. While celebrating our anniversary, we decide to take the Enneagram test to see what more we would find out about our personalities! (Because what couple doesn’t do this, right?!) I’ve always loved learning more about different takes on my personality. Whether it’s my zodiac sign or figuring out what my love language is, I use these results as a tool to better my life and the relationships I have. So, taking this test with Costa was such a fun way for us to bond and connect! 


For you Dolls that might not know what an Enneagram is, it’s the original personality test that focuses on nine different personality types. The test is based on basic humanity traits — flaws, tendencies, fears and needs that any individual would experience. Based on the Enneagram test, I am a three — The Achiever. The achiever is the success-oriented type, being adaptive, excelling, driven and image-conscious. Which as you Dolls know, basically describes me to the core! Costa, on the other hand, is a five — The Investigator. The investigator is the intense, brainy type, who is perceptive, innovative, secretive and isolated. 

After doing a little more research into our personality types, I stumbled across a fun Enneagram account, Enneagram & Coffee. The creator of the account makes the cutest graphics that represent each type of personality and they couldn’t be more spot on! While clicking through some of the posts, I noticed a love graphic and was interested to see if Costa and I were a Enneagram match made in heaven! As it turns out, we aren’t. EEK! Costa’s Enneagram isn’t even on my top love matches. But, funny enough, I’m his top love match. Que Costa’s smirk!

So, what do you do when you’re sweet husband’s Enneagram doesn’t match your top love matches?

  • Don’t take it too seriously!

    • This test, just like the others we’ve taken together, is fun and it’s such a cool was to see what makes us inherently different. It really puts into prospective the love we have for each other and how much we value each other in this wonderful life we’ve built together.

  • Use it to your benefit!

    • For us, we love learning more about our personality traits because this understanding helps us better our relationship! We’ve learned to respect how we each communicate and find a deeper understanding into our communication styles.

  • Feel free to gently poke fun!

    • For example, an image posted from Enneagram & Coffee highlighted “Monday Morning Thoughts” and it was SPOT ON! The “Private Moments” post was also hilariously accurate!


All in all, these tests are created so that you can better look inside yourself to see why you’re the way that you are! Although I absolutely love learning more about my personality, I don’t let it dictate my personality and you shouldn’t either - - if you don’t want to that is!

P.s. As a boss doll, I can’t lie, I don’t really mind being a driven three — Any fellow threes out there that relate to this?!