New At The Doll Dream House

Decisions Made For Drywall

When I was 24 years old I walked into the model home for my now townhome and told them I wanted to build my first custom home. I was SO excited and loved the process. At the time, I thought I was building a "custom home” - - I had no idea what I was really building was a customizable home. BIG difference! Customizable to the extent that there were floorpans for me to choose from and finishes to select.

A custom home is VERY different. I can almost guarantee that I know more about doorstops, floor membranes and shingle types than the typical Influencer does…. I never quite realized what actually went into building a custom home. I had no clue the amount of time and research and planning and sweat (literally, it was over 100 degrees inside the house yesterday!) that it actually takes.

Until today it was always something I would have to close my eyes and visualize… BUT NOW WE HAVE DRYWALL! EEK! What a game changer!

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As I’m sure you Dolls can easily imagine — I’m quite a visual person! Once I’ve had the chance to really embrace a project, it’s so easy for me to visualize the end result. Whether it’s a project for a PR client or when customizing my home, I can envision and then execute all the steps necessary to creating my very own masterpiece. I figured after each big accomplishment in the house, I’d be ready to move on to the next. However, this particular part of the project hit me much more than any other box checked off so far on the construction list. 


I gasped with excitement when I saw the dry wall covering the wall frames. Our house officially looks like a home! Well, sort of! When walking through with our builder, I not only saw the end result, but I saw such clarity the memories that Costa and I would create with each other and our family in this new home of ours. I could see mornings in the kitchen making coffee together or hanging in the living room with our family reliving the sweet moments we had during the building process. And I might brag here and there about how my sweet Constantine wrote CK <3 CK all over the wooden wall frames that create the base of our home’s foundation. #imarriedup

I used to question why people would say that Costa and I would fight through this entire process of building a custom home. We haven’t argued at all! Thankful we have the same taste and style so it has definitely made things easier! Now don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but I’m so thankful that I get to go through this season of life with such an amazing support system and of course my sweet husband!

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