#BossDoll Book Club

Inspirational Reads That Will Light A Fire Under You! 

As I say to any Dolls out there interested in chasing their dreams to becoming their own boss by creating a new brand or company, do your homework! There have been a ton of great creators that have come before you and will most likely come after you as well. There have been plenty of mistakes made from leading professionals in just about every industry but the beauty of our current day and age, is that most experts now understand the struggle of the come up and are willing to mentor and give guidance (even if it’s through a best selling publication).

I truly believe that once you start educating your audience then you’re seen as the expert! What better way to get well-versed in your industry than learning from those around. I find that when you’re the most observant to those succeeding around you and you’re not afraid to ask questions, you learn so much more and are more likely to become a leader in your industry.

When I started building my company, POSH PR®, I constantly looked to those around me who had experienced what I was currently going through — the good and the bad. Let me tell you Dolls, as happy as I am in this current season of life — owning a successful pink branding and PR agency and building the #DollHQ — the struggle to getting here was REAL. There were countless times (and still to this day!) that I had gray days of uncertainty. And in those moments, I turned to books like these to give me inspiration and motivate me to keep working at turning my dreams into a reality! 

Oh and in case you’re wondering, this iconic list has my sweet baby Lola’s poodle stamp of approval and I think that speaks wonders!

Empowering Books I Can’t Put Down: 

The Glitter Plan by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor with Booth Moore 

Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

Boss Bitch by Nicole Lapin


Work Party is probably my favorite book on the list at the moment. Earlier this year I attended the Create and Cultivate conference in New York City and was so inspired by not only the hundreds of creators there, but also by the event space. It was an influencer’s heaven! I’m serious Dolls, every inch in the space was intentionally created to allow everyone to photograph content there — YES, every nook and cranny! You Dolls know I always say — the difference between moderate and luxury is in the details. The Glitter Plan is a fantastic read about how Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor (with Booth Moore) started Juicy Couture for $200 and hustled it into a global, iconic brand. #Girlboss is an exceptional read — the author is the CEO + Founder of Nasty Gal. Not only is she a best-selling book author but her story was picked up by Netflix to be created into a single season television show.  You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero is so motivational — it really has the ability to light a fire under you and make you want to work hard at making your dreams a reality. I recommend Boss Bitch by Nicole Lapin to #bossdolls of all ages and industries — her advice is sound and so relevant to entrepreneurs and individuals in the workforce alike.

Between running a business and designing my #DollDreamHouse and #TheDollHQ, it’s not too often that I have a moment to myself to catch up. So, when I’m needing a little inspiration, I turn to reading. I can’t recommend this book line up more! Just know Dolls, these books have basically changed my life. Have you Dolls had a chance to read any of these books on my reading list? If so, what are your favorites?!

P.s. We’ve purchase Making It In Manhattan by Caroline Vazzana to add to our list. I met Caroline at the Create and Cultivate conference in New York and was so inspired by her and her drive! Her outfits are to die for as well. You can find me impatiently waiting at the door looking for the Amazon delivery guy!